Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Alaskan SweetheartsAlaskan Sweethearts by Janet Tronstad
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Alaskan Sweethearts by Janet Tronstad

One place is called Dry Creek Alaska where an old gold mine holds many memories for one Colin Jacobson.  He and a friend fell in love with the same woman and it began a road of many mistakes for Colin,when he left knowing he could not give his love as much as his friend could.
An accident left three brothers without parents and Colin became their gaurdian raising them the best he knew how.
Dry Creek Montana was home for the boys and their grandfather and as the story begins they are grown and dealing with some of the mistakes the grandfather had made long ago.
Scarlett is the granddaughter of Colin's one time love and she has came with papers to be signed to the old homestead in Alaska. "Gramps is at it again" is the first thought that his grandson Hunter has and he wants to help Scarlett and her grandma not be disappointed.  
This story has many facets-Lost love,lost faith,lost trust.  Can they be found?
Going back to Alaska helps Hunter find a new beginning.

Thanks Janet for a wonderful story once again.
two Dry Creek's make for a charming story.

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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Love Never Fails (The Homeward Journey #3)Love Never Fails by Martha   Rogers
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Series The Homeward Journey-final book#3"Love Never Fails" by Martha Rogers

I finished this book and felt yes, Love did conquer.  These young people in the story Molly with Stefan, Andrew and Clarissa all had problems with their parents and distance of where they lived wrecking havoc with a love relationship.
Martha found a way for them and made the story interesting to a reader.  Many times I thought "How will they overcome these obstacles and find Love everlasting?
Andrew was a Dr and became assistant to Daniel Whiteman in his practice, meeting Clarissa and Stefan when they visited with their parents from La.  Molly and Clarissa had been longtime friends and she wanted her to meet Andrew while she was there.
Molly always liked her brother Stefan when they were youngsters and now he is in army and uniform makes him so handsome that she begins to fall in love with him.
She finds herself at odds with this because she thinks killing is a terrible sin and tries to hold back her feelings.
This series brings the theme of strong Southern women forging ahead to new territories to find happiness through their faith, knowing when all else is gone that Love will be there.  a conquering Love prevails.

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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Love Finds Faith (The Homeward Journey #2)Love Finds Faith by Martha   Rogers
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Homeward Journey series by Martha Rogers, book #2 "Love Finds Faith"

I had read book #1 some time ago but it was not hard to get back into the characters and the story that Martha has for us in this series.
Hannah Dyer has always felt like she was an outcast with her deformity of one leg shorter then the other so does not look for a happy everafter...but then don't we all in our heart of hearts expect that?
Hannah finishes her nursing and plans a trip to Texas to help her sister's husband in his practice there.  A new beginning and one can always hope.
Micah Gordon returns home after leaving 5 years ago hoping also for a "New Beginning"...his is one of the prodigal son returning and his brother is angry about the way Micah left and never sent one word of his whereabouts or what he was doing.  Can these two find the road back together?  Micah hopes his family can forgive him and give him a chance.
The ranch at home falls on hard times and papa has heart problems from stress, will there be a happy ever after in this journey?  come read the story of these two characters as they move trough heartaches and finding faith is like a light at the end of the tunnel for Micah.  Hannah has a strong faith, that Micah sees when he views her life.  We all make choices can his become better ones now that he is home again....

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Monday, December 22, 2014

A Stranger's Wish (Amish Farm Trilogy, #1)A Stranger's Wish by Gayle Roper
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Book#1 -series Amish Farm triolgy,"A Stranger's Wish" by Gayle Roper

I have read these books back to front, 3-2-1 at different times and it was fun with the characters. I am sure it would have been better had I read this one first though.
this books starts with mystery and runs through the story.  Kristie Matthews comes from a well to do family of lawyers and they wanted her to follow in their steps but she marches to a different drummer and wants to paint.  She moves to an amish farm and rents rooms to live in area that is ripe for a painter to find lots to paint.
At the beginning she is bitten by a dog and goes to ER where she meets a stranger who gives her a key to keep for him and this begins the mystery.
Come read this story and meet some wonderful characters and the Zooks family that live here midst the amish folks.
Kristie will learn much about others and herself as she lives in Lancaster County.  She is caught up in danger while she has this mysterious key and tries to help its owner come to terms with God and his faith.

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Friday, December 19, 2014

A Marriage for Meghan (Wayne County, #2)A Marriage for Meghan by Mary  Ellis
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A Marriage for Meghan-book#2(series Wayne County) by Mary Ellis

I got this book from library and was happy to read about Meghan wanting to be a teacher so bad that she tells the boy she has known all her life and everyone expected her to marry to back off...yes she needed time to pursue this career that she has dreamed of for very long time.  Do you think he will understand and be supportive or does she take a chance of losing the love they have always shared.
Meghan's dad is the Bishop and where his girls are concerned he sometimes gets in hot water with the elders.
Meghan is a little scatterbrained type and her dad wonders if she is up to being a teacher so he suggest older daughter come and be teacher with meghan as assistant so she can learn.  Sisters teaching together -do you think this is good idea?
there is a mystery involved as many of the amish have vandalism acts around their places and the local sheriff and even an FBI agent is called in when they think it could be hate crime.
Mary wrote a great story with the characters and we watched Meghan grow up in this book.

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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Secret of Pembrooke ParkThe Secret of Pembrooke Park by Julie Klassen
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Secret of Pembroke Park by Julie Klassen

I liked the mystery in this story and the characters grew as they walked their journey.  Two sisters, one past her coming out parties and one just getting ready to enjoy all the attention and hope for a gentleman to prepose.  BUT..
Louisa has some growing up to do as we will soon see.
Abigail is the sensible older daughter who works with her parents to make their lives easier.  Misfortune falls on the family and they must find another place to live.
Surprised when they receive a letter from a solicitor stating they are invited to visit Pembroke Park that has been vacant for some years and possibly lease at a reduced rate. The Foster's soon see it would help them to stay in this house and oversee refurbishing and signed a lease for a year.   They soon after moving in find many in the area think there is treasure to be found in the home and Abigail also thinks she will look for a secret room with a treasure -they could use this for a new beginning.
Come read the story that Julie has woven about the old house..secrets and all. Distant family found and the mystery surrounding family members that lived in the home before.
As old foes and new friends come to Pembroke Park, secrets come to light, Will Abigail find the treasure and the Love she seeks??
If you like old homes and genteel people you will enjoy this story as I did.

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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

A Plain Love Song (The New Hope Amish #3)A Plain Love Song by Kelly Irvin
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Series The New Hope Amish, book- A Plain Love Song by Kelly Irvin

I always like to read stories about amish folks but this one is little different in that Adah Knepp has all her life heard words and set them to paper without anyone knowing, after all she is a Plain woman and they must not have music in their lives.  When she goes to clean in the Hunt home and meets Jackson who too loves music, trouble brews as she falls further and further into listening to him and away from the closest friend she has had in her amish community,Matthew.
Everyone has always assumed the two would marry -raise children and live in the community with the rest of their family and friends.
Adah is torn, the more she wants to do the right thing it seems, unexpectedly she is drawn away.
It is Adah's running around time before becoming member with the amish and settling down, she feels she can do some of the things she has but seems to always feel so guilty.  She wants the music and Matthew too, how can this be?
Kelly writes a wonderful story that tells of the indecision that goes on in a young amish girl's life, will she be able to find the right path...back to Matthew and her life as an amish frau?  come read about Faith-family and forgiveness.

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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Love Unexpected (Beacons of Hope, #1)Love Unexpected by Jody Hedlund
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Love Unexpected is book #1 in series "Beacons of Hope" by Jody Hedlund

Fact and fiction makes this a worthy read..
Jody does research and we learn so much from her stories along with the adventure and romance she adds to make our hearts fill to the brim....I loved the characters in this story Emma had much heartache in life and didn't think she deserved anything better.
God loved this woman and showed her life can be so sweet and fulfilling when you do the right things for the right reasons.  He gave her a new life when the old one slipped away beneath the deep waters of Lake Huron...Pirates overtook them and soon they had to abandon ship..Emma and her brother Ryan survived but lost all they had.
Patrick was the lighthouse keeper and was soon out trying to find survivors when he seen the shipwreck nearby.  meeting Emma was the best thing that happened for both of them.
The preacher tries to help the two come together knowing it will help both of them and Emma accepts to have a home, Patrick needs someone to watch his son and help.  A hasty marriage and they are soon heading to the lighthouse, time will find many secrets unfolding and doubts arise as to how wise this was.
Can they learn to forgive and move beyond what was in the past,leaving it in the past? I enjoyed reading this story, thanks Jody for another filled with Hope, I look forward to reading this series.

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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

A Most Inconvenient MarriageA Most Inconvenient Marriage by Regina Jennings
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A Most Inconvenient Marriage by Regina Jennings

I love to read mail-order brides so this caught my attention that a marriage was NOT convenient...that made me want to read it, along with the fact that Regina always writes a great story.

Abigail Stuart had to leave home suddenly and was not sure what she would do and felt grateful when she found she could nurse the men coming from the warfields, some critical others patched up and sent back.  She met one young man who said he didn't know who he was and his winning personality in the face of his grave wounds made Abigail and others like him.
Abigail stayed by his side and when he ask her to marry him so she would have a place to go and for her help with his ailing sister, she promptly said but -"you don't know who you  are"...He spoke up then and said Jeremiah Calhoun was his name and his sister was Rachel.  She agreed and at the end of war went to live with Jeremiah's mother and sister.
Life is good and the Mother became like a mother to her and she felt at peace knowing she had a home.  she met the fiance of Jeremiah whom had become good friends with a Dr after learning of death of Jeremiah, they too became friends and all was well until.......Jeremiah came home.
All were surprised and it took some time before it all became apparent of what had happened in the hospital where Abigail had nursed the man she believed to be Jeremiah.
Jeremiah thinks she is an imposter trying to take over his farm.
Rachel never believed her when she first came and now doesn't know what to think.
Ma Calhoun is on the side of Abigail and wants her to stay till all is sorted out.
The fiance now has two men vying for her attention and is torn..

You will want to read the story and see how all comes out and where Abigail will live. Will she believe this man is Jeremiah? and if he is then whom did she marry?

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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Old Presque Isle Lighthouse
The Old Presque Isle Lighthouse is one of the oldest surviving lighthouses on the Great Lakes. Built in 1840 by Jeremiah Moors of Detroit, the harbor light operated until 1871 when the keeper transferred to a new, taller, coastal lighthouse a mile to the north. The Old Presque Isle Lighthouse park is a complex composed of two main structures, a keepers dwelling and a light tower. The stone and brick tower measures thirty feet tall and eighteen feet in diameter. Visitors can climb the hand-hewn stone steps for a panoramic view of the Lake Huron shoreline and Presque Isle Harbor. Nearby is the one-story side-gabled brick keeper’s dwelling which serves as a hands-on museum. Here, visitors can blow foghorns and examine other interesting artifacts. They can also ring the bell from the Lansing City Hall clock tower. Tipping the scales at an impressive 3,425 pounds, this bronze behemoth is much bigger than the Liberty Bell, which weighed 2,080 pounds when cast.

I am beginning a new book by Jody Hedlund that is about a young woman meeting the keeper of this lighthouse, The Old Presque Isle Lighthouse.  Emma Chambers is left destiture when the steamboat sinks near this lighthouse, that she is on.  
Patrick is floundering when he loses his wife and knows not how to care for his child...
These two souls are thrown together literally...what a twist on mail-order brides, He marries Emma to give her a home and have someone to care for his child.
Come read with me how they will fare,  I will review later after reading....
Abigail's New Hope (Wayne County, #1)Abigail's New Hope by Mary  Ellis
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Abigail's New Hope book #1 in series "Wayne County" by Mary Ellis

Abigail Graber loves her job as midwife to her community and works with Dr Weller. There is no greater pleasure then holding a newborn and helping the mother trough this rough time.  Abigail has a supportive husband and two little children.

Most amish stories are sweet reads and you just fly through the pages enjoying all the love and kindness these people have for one another.
BUT...this story has  turmoil that will make your eyes tear up and your heart swell with emotions as you go through a dark time for Abigail.  This sweet caring woman lands in jail....unheard of you say.  me too.
This will take Daniel and the girls on a journey they never expected to be on.  Abigail's sister, Catherine comes to help out at the home thinking a few days and Abigail will be home again...it is all a misunderstanding.  It has to be.

The days and weeks go by and Catherine meets Isaiah who lives in cabin behind the house and helps Daniel with the farm work.  Isaiah is deaf and is a loner but Catherine loves people and she knows she can help this young man as she had worked with a family that had deaf twins and she had learned sign language. Working with Isaiah brings her heart to a place where she never thought she would be as they find feelings for one another.  Can this be the beginning of a new relationship and Love that Catherine has given up ever having?

There is a story within a story as we find out about Nathan and his wife who had moved to the community recently -she being pregnant and had secrets that she did not want known.  She chose to have a baby for her husband and wanted Abigail to deliver as she had not chose a dr after moving.  Many things go wrong and Nathan loses his wife, but a son is born and survives because of Abigail's help.
Mary Ellis tells a good story and makes us aware of the dangers of home births.  Thank you for finding these characters and writing a story that is of love-healing- forgiveness and faith...

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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Jacob's ListJacob's List by Stephanie Grace Whitson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Jacob's List by Stephanie Grace Whitson

Story is about young man who makes a list of daring adventures he wants to finish before graduation ,he and his good friend Andy work together to fulfil it.
The parents of Jacob are wealthy but the wealth does not exclude them from the heartaches of life as you will see as you read this book.  His dad is a Doctor as his dad before him is too.  Too many times work overrides family time.  Mom is a stay at home one involved in charities and lot of idle time living day to day without really living.  when a catastrophy happens this couple seem to be pulled apart instead of together to help one another.
Andy's family is a christian one and involves God in all that they do. These two families collide more then once as the story evolves.
There is much to learn from reading this story and you will be glad that you did when you turn the last page.
There is sadness-forgiveness-Love-happiness-Faith and un-faith struggling....
Stephanie does a wonderful job of bringing it altogether so we can enjoy the story and learn from it.

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Saturday, November 15, 2014

A Rose Revealed (Amish Farm Trilogy, #3)A Rose Revealed by Gayle Roper
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A Rose Revealed is #3"Amish Farm Trilogy" by Gayle Roper

This is the first book I have read by this author and I enjoyed it a lot, being the third book in a trilogy did not hurt the story at all..Rose is a wonderful character.
The book starts out literally with a bang, explosive-yes.
Rose is a nurse and is helping Sophie Hostetter as she heals, today is her first day out and the day is definately not what Rose expected in a million years.
Rose spends time on an amish farm and meets again one Jake Zook whom she had known only briefly but had tremendous feelings for the young man,unbeknownst to him.  You will enjoy reading and unraveling the mysteries in this book.
What a maze of secrets that will endanger the life of Rose but she perseveres and we learn much from this story.

Thanks to this author for a wonderful read with lots of emotional twist and turns...

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Thursday, November 6, 2014

The Shack: Where Tragedy Confronts EternityThe Shack: Where Tragedy Confronts Eternity by Wm. Paul Young
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Shack written by Wm Paul Young

This is an older book that I had not read and sister raved about it so had to read finally...so glad I did.
This author writes the story for a friend,MacKenzie Allen Phillips.  The Phillips family had their little girl abducted from a state park by a serial killer.  That in itself is a story but that is not the "complete" story.
Mack is lost for several years in what he calls "The Great Sadness".
Mack's wife always related to God as Papa so when he found a note in the mailbox one dad that was signed Papa...Could it be God?  the note wanted him to meet him at The Shack.  There was only one in his mind,the one where his daughter was killed and the past came creeping back into his mind.
I cannot write here what happened there but I want you to read this story and decide for yourself...Yes He went...
Thank You Mr Young for writing this story...It makes you cry, smile at times,feel ever so deeply.

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Friday, October 31, 2014

The Brides of Chance CollectionThe Brides of Chance Collection by Kelly Eileen Hake
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Brides of Chance Collection by Kelly Eileen Hake

Six brothers named Chance and stories relating to their growth on the Chance ranch and the women that come and somehow get voted on to stay as brides.
Loved reading each and every story and you will too.

"One chance in a million by Cathy Marie Hake"
"Second Chance by Tracey V Bateman"
"Taking a chance by Kelly Eileen Hake"
" Last Chance by Cathy Marie Hake"
"Chance Adventure by Kelly Eileen Hake"
"Chance of a Lifetime by Kelly Eileen Hake

There is a bonus when "The MacPherson brothers -3" get thrown into the story and find brides from back home that will come and "Marry up" three more brides to read about and healing herbs brought into the mix-what a story.

Thank You Ladies for these wonderful brothers that will win every woman's heart as she reads his story and his bride.

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Monday, October 20, 2014

To Everything a Season (Song of Blessing, #1)To Everything a Season by Lauraine Snelling
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Series To Everything a Season, book #1 "Song of Blessing" by Lauraine Snelling

I received this book from Goodreads.com for a review.
I love to read this author so was a "Blessing" for me....

I loved meeting these characters that I have read before, such strong honest hard working people most are from Norway.
This book tells the story of some young girls in training to be nurses and they come to Blessing to work with the Drs Bjorklund's, Elizabeth&Astrid.  Miriam is the oldest in her family and works hard to help, it is hard when she travels to Blessing for a year of training.
Miriam meets Trygve and they both find they are caring for one another when she must leave for a trip home when her mother is ill and not expected to live.  He hopes she will return but she is not sure she can.
There is struggles in work and faith in this story and you will love reading how this author brings it all together.

Thank you for letting me read and review this book

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Friday, October 10, 2014

Becoming Bea (The Courtships of Lancaster County, #4)Becoming Bea by Leslie Gould
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Becoming Bea is final book in series "The Courtships of Lancaster County" by Leslie Gould.

I have so enjoyed the stories of these women and the men who pursued them in the beautiful county of Lancaster....I loved meeting Cate-Addie-Molly and Bea.

Bea and Ben...Ben and Bea.. these two seemed to always to be competing in their school years together.  spelling bees were such a challange.
Bea was sure she did NOT like this boy.  When they were thrown together later in life, it was hard to put those feelings aside and have a grown up attitude where Ben was concerned, so many thought they hated one another.
Beatrice Zook becomes a mothers helper to a young woman that had triplets and there was lot of hard work involved along with the joy of "Babies".  She grows up a lot working there.
Friends decide to bring Bea and Ben together just feeling they are right for one another - can they get past "their past".  It does not help when a young man named Don moves back into the community who lies and schemes hurting many along the way..including Ben and Bea.
when trust is broken, how can it be renewed even after forgiveness?  Sometimes we want to hold onto things that get in the way of happiness being a part of our lives....

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Monday, October 6, 2014

Award-winning author Laura Frantz is passionate about all things historical, particularly the 18th-century, and writes her manuscripts in longhand first. Her stories often incorporate Scottish themes that reflect her family heritage. She is a direct descendant of George Hume, Wedderburn Castle, Berwickshire, Scotland, who was exiled to the American colonies for his role in the Jacobite Rebellion of 1715, settled in Virginia, and is credited with teaching George Washington surveying in the years 1748-1750. Her family resides in Kentucky and Virginia.

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Love's Fortune is the final book in the series "The Ballantyne Legacy" written by Laura Frantz.

This author is from Ky and writing about  Rowena (Wren) as a Ky girl seemed fitting.  I grew up there and so wanted to read this author,  She does a great job with these characters and you hate to see it end.

The Ballantynes are a wealthy family and class is important to them, do the right thing always.  Wren's father left Pa long ago and raised his little girl in Ky.  This girl could care less for all the "Class stuff", she is in for a rude awakening when she meets the other part of the family, when she and her Dad travel to Pa and she is to become a "Lady"
She struggles to "fit in" but when she meets James Sackett, it all seems worthwhile.  James grew up with the family and they helped him to achieve all that he is today.  He loves them as if they were truly his family and would do anything for the family.
I so enjoyed reading about Wren's journey from Ky to Pa and all she went through becoming one of the "Ballantynes".  She played violin and knew all about them from her father and grandfather.
A chance meeting on the road one day and she met Malachi Cameron, who loved her simplicity -not knowing who she was he gave her a lift.    This chance meeting put her into another part of life's journey and they almost were married after her special season came about.
Unbeknownst to her a cousin had been in love with Malachi for a long time and still hoped one day he would see how well they could be together.  I was on pins and needles to see how this would all play out as I wanted them to be together too.
Come and read this story and you will be just as excited as I was to read the final pages and learn many truths along the way.
Thanks Laura Frantz for many hrs of enjoyment with Wren's journey.

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Saturday, October 4, 2014

                                            B H Cotton & Goldie Cotton(my parents)
                                              Bill,Sue and Linda.
                                            Gone to Glory~Mom-Daddy,Linda&Sue~

                                                                                   ~ Mom~
                                                     Goldie Lillian Belle Orr Cotton
                                                      October 4th, 1910-1998

Time has passed , sixteen years already since you left earth .
You brought so much joy and happiness to your family while here
no Mother could have done better...
I remember you were always there, a stay at home Mom who cared,
working inside and outside to make our lives better, Thank you.
Children, you had nine, don't always think to say that but ..
I hope you knew we all appreaciated the clean clothes, your cooking,
a home that let us grow up feeling loved , knowing you and daddy
were there and making a refuge like no other for us.
You had the aunts-uncles and cousins visit often and we grew up
knowing family and the value of it.  Thank you.
Today would have been another birthday for you
I hold dear all the ones we got to celebrate with you...
Memories...sweet memories..I have of Home and You.

Love your daughter
Pauline Cotton Osborne
October 4th,2014

Monday, September 29, 2014

With Every Breath
With Every Breath by Elizabeth Camden
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

With Every Breath by Elizabeth Camden

What a special story that gives us interaction between Kate Norton and The insufferable Trevor McDonough through their school years..
then moves on to Kate going on a job interview that brings her into a different kind of relationship with the same young man all  grown up with so many secrets.
Now you know Kate is going to have to find out what the secrets are all about.
When she finds herself having romantic feelings for the man -she is beside herself.  No- no way can she have those kind of feelings for the boy that wrested the scholarship away from her in school.  these two young people were so smart and always were trying to best one another.
You are going to find out lots of history on TB when they were trying to find a cure and the people that were used in a study.
Soon Kate finds herself trying to unlock mysteries about the man as well as the work and whom is trying to sabotage the work of Trevor who is now known as Dr T  M Kendall.
Elizabeth brings much to this book with romance lurking just under the surface for some time.  I always enjoy reading a book by this author and this one was fantastic.

I was given this book by The Bookclub Network and Bethany House publishing to read and review, thank you very much.

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Friday, September 26, 2014

The RiverThe River by Beverly  Lewis
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The River is written by Beverly Lewis

The title  would make you think the story is mainly about a River, but...it is and it isn't.  I think the story was more about two sisters who had left the amish community for reasons of their own and live in the "english world" as they call it when you leave the amish.
Tilly had a younger sister whom she cared for a lot die and she felt guilty that she was unable to save her, Tilly kept many things to herself not telling anyone how she felt. She felt she could not live there and see the place that anna had died so young all the time. She knew that God forgave her but she forgot to forgive herself.
Ruth had cared for Will Kauffman and when he made a choice that she was not comfortable with, she begged her sister to help her move from the amish community so she would not have to see him all the time.  She just wanted to forget all about Will and move on with her life.
An older brother invited the girls to come back for their parents 50th wedding anniversary when all the family would gather together, he also let them know their daed had heart problems and was not well.
Tilly and her daed had always seemed to not get along and they both needed to forgive and forget, they just did not talk to one another much and it had hurt the relationship over time.  There is much conflict and much happiness seeing all the family again..can you imagine?  many years had passed and Tilly had a husband and twin girls, no one in the family had ever seen them or knew about them.
So many secrets kept from one another...families should love one another enough to be close by communicating better...
I hope that as you read this story-if you have someone that there is a problem with in your life-you will speak about it together and make things right.
I am honored that I was given the opportunity to read and review this book for the author, thank you
Bethany House Publishers asked me to read-review this book and I have done so....

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Monday, September 22, 2014

Through the Deep WatersThrough the Deep Waters by Kim Vogel Sawyer
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Throught the Deep Waters by Kim Vogel Sawyer

Dinah was raised by her mother in a brothel.  She never knew love or caring.  By the time she became a young woman the owner of the home wanted her to start work like all the other women and Dinah knew she had to do something, she did not want to live a life like her mother had.  Her mother died and soon after Dinah left going far away to join The Clifton where she might one day be able to be a "Harvey Girl"  Not being old enough yet they kept her there as a worker till she was older.
Amos Ackerman lived nearby as a chicken farmer, he had a disability with his foot and limped so did not feel he would ever have a chance to meet a nice woman to wed and have a family with...these two people who so desperatly needed love met and found they cared for one another.
Can you imagine a life of constant work yet hoping and praying that life will change and a new beginning can be a part of your life?  these two had many obstacles yet God intervened and brought them together.
Never say that life for you won't change because it just might with faith and patience.

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Westward Christmas Brides Collection: 9 Historical Romances Answer the Call of the American WestThe Westward Christmas Brides Collection: 9 Historical Romances Answer the Call of the American West by Wanda E. Brunstetter
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Westward Christmas Brides Collection, stories by authors Wanda Brunstetter,Susan Page Davis,Melanie Dobson,Cathy Leggett,Vickie McDonough,Oliva Newport,Janet Spaeth,Jennifer Rogers Spinola and MaryLu Tyndall

I have read many of these authors before so was interested in reading this book. the stories are short but sweet. they tell of faith,courage,forgiveness,so many questions are answered and women wanting changes in their lives choose to travel by wagon train westward in the 1800's.  Brides to be at Christmas time, what could make a better story.
I hope you enjoy these stories as much as I have.
I was given this book by The Bookclub Network&Barbour Publishing for an honest review.

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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Wonderful Lonesome (Amish Turns of Time, #1)Wonderful Lonesome by Olivia Newport
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Book #1,"Wonderful Lonesome" Series Amish Turns of Time written by Olivia Newport....

Wonderful is a great word to use for this story.  I loved reading about Abby Weaver who is a strong determined woman.  In this story a group of Amish folks, 12 families move to Colorado to start a settlement.  They are without a Bishop or church.  The families had their Bible readings and quiet time but no gathering together for singing and sermons.  It was a time of restlessness.  many craved to have the church services of before and hated waiting for a Bishop to come or be sent to their community.
Abby was the glue that kept many stuck in this limbo as she was determined they would make a go of it.  there were crop failures..stormy weather they were not used to -Hail-wind and droughts, wreck havoc- yet she hangs onto her belief -"It will work".
Willem is a single man who has cared for Abbie for a long time yet he puts off getting married.  Rudy another young man also cares for Abbie, she believes he is a friend and does not see it as anything more.
A young man named Jake had left the amish but is now back wanting to start a Mennonite church and has invited the amish folks to visit so they will be able to have church service and gather together.  For some this causes problems, Abby feels she will have to renounce all that she has ever known and believed if she goes to this church, Willem wants to try it and it causes a rift between them.
come read this "Wonderful" story and see what happens to this community and to a young woman who has two men care for her.

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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Throught the Deep Waters written by Kim Vogel Sawyer

I have just received this book to read and review for this author whom I like to read every chance I get.  Never read her you say....pick up one of her books and you will be reading till the pages say "The End".  This author writes from the heart and she has a heart of Gold that she shares through her work...SO get ready for this book that tells a story that needs to be heard..

A past filled with shame can be washed away with a love that conquers all
Born to an unloving prostitute in a popular Chicago brothel, timid seventeen-year-old Dinah Hubley was raised amidst the secrets held in every dark, grimy room of her home. Anxious to escape, Dinah pursues her dream of becoming a Harvey Girl, waiting tables along the railroad in an upscale hotel. But when she finds out she isn’t old enough, her only option is to accept a job as a chambermaid at the Clifton Hotel in Florence, Kansas. Eager to put everything behind her, Dinah feels more worthless than ever, based on a single horrible decision she made to survive.

The Clifton offers a life Dinah has never known, but blinded to the love around her, Dinah remains buried in the shame of her past. When a handsome chicken farmer named Amos Ackerman starts to show interest, Dinah withdraws further, convinced no one could want a sullied woman like her.  Despite his self-consciousness about his handicapped leg and her strange behavior, Amos resolves to show Dinah Christ’s love. But can she ever accept a gift she so desperately needs?

A tidbit for you till I read the book and review -when you will get to hear "The Rest of the Story". 

Kim Vogel Sawyer is a best-selling award author with more than one million copies of her books currently in print. Awards include the ACFW Carol Award, the Inspirational Readers Choice Award, and the Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence. Sawyer lives in central Kansas, where she and her retired military husband, Don, run a bed-and-breakfast inn with the help of their feline companions. She savors time with her daughters and grandchildren.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Miracle in a Dry Season (Appalachian Blessings, #1)Miracle in a Dry Season by Sarah Loudin Thomas
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

 Sarah Loudin Thomas writes book #1 "Miracle in a Dry Season", series Appalachian Blessings.

Wise, West Va in the fifties..People in the community are wary of a young woman named Perla who has came to live with her aunt and uncle.  Perla has a little girl and has not been married, she doesn't want to lie and say she is a widow which would be so much easier.  Can everyone be blind to the goodness of a woman raising a little girl...
Casewell is a batchlor in the community and has been thinking he needs to settle down, when he meets Perla he likes her looks but he like the others Judges without thinking.
Do we all think we don't have anything in our lives to be ashamed of and we are too pure to see a mistake might be corrected and let the one that should, do the judging....can we not forgive more readily?
This little town has not seen rain in a long long time and lives are changing and not for the better.
Perla has a gift with her cooking that she has always considered a curse.  Whenever she cooks it seems to multiply like when Jesus fed the multitude with the fishes.  The town needs her yet they don't want to accept her cooking thinking she has the devil in her....more blindness and not seeing.
I loved reading this story and seeing how a community comes to terms with good and evil.  How a young man realizes HE should not be the one judging and comes to love this young woman and her child.
You must read this story if no others by this author.

I received this book from Bethany House Publishing to read and review, thanks.

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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Love Comes HomeLove Comes Home by Ann H. Gabhart
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Love Comes Home by Ann Gabhart

The war is finally over and the men are coming back to Rosey Corner Ky and the Merritt sisters in particular are happily running around getting ready to meet their men again.  Papa Merritt tells them they wont be the same guys that left so be patient and give them a lot of love.  Love is something this family knows about so there will be no problem here.
Lorena was left on church steps long ago at the age of 5 and Kate found her and took her home and has loved her ever since..she became an honorary sister right then at the beginning.
Aunt Hattie is an old black woman that has done midwifery in the hills of Ky for many years and she is close to the Merritt family, an honorary aunt to the family...so much love in this family they pass it around.
Mike was a preacher before he left for the war but came back not wanting to jump back into the pulpit.  His faith was a bit shaken and it would take some time for him to heal but Evie who had loved him forever would help in that dept.
Jay was the husband of Kate and he fell in love with the whole Merritt family and Kate in particular, He knows Kate wants to start a family and he is not so sure he will make a good father, his father gave him away to an aunt that didn't really want him either and he needed the love that abounded in Rosey Corners and the Merritt family.
One of the sisters Victoria lost her husband while he was at war -Sammy didn't get to come home but they had married before he left and she had a little girl, Samantha to raise and she was so like her daddy.
Clay is a young man that farmed in the community and he had loved Victoria from afar because Sammy was his best friend.  Now he is hoping that "Tori" will look at him as more then a friend.  He has helped raise his sisters when his dad died early in life.  He loves children and knows he could help Tori raise Samantha and that little girl liked him too.
You will want to read the story of this little corner of the world in Ky and get to know this family and the community they live in.

I was given this book to read and review by The Bookclub Network and Revell Publishing...Thank you.

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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Safe Haven (Peacemakers #3)Safe Haven by Anna Schmidt
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Anna Schmidt's series "The Peacemakers" book #3 Safe Haven

I enjoyed reading this author and her research has made this a great story to read.  The characters will tug at your heartstrings and you will want to help as they journey.  FDR has brought almost a thousand European refugees to our country from a war torn area to keep them safe, thus the name of the book "Safe Haven"

Suzanne Randolph is a writer that has been duped by another journalist and her reputation is in threads, when she hears of these people she wants to write their story thinking this will redeem her.  The man she had worked for believes in her and decides to help her as it will also help his paper to print this story.

Theo Bridgewater is a quaker and did not fight in the war but he has relatives in this bunch of refugees and his parents talk him into moving to Lake Ontario -Oswego,N.Y. to give them support.  It is here that he meets Suzanne and likes what she is trying to do but not always the way she does it.  They live in the same boarding house and seeing one another often helps them to become friends.  Maybe even more then friends as the months move along.

The war rages on for a long time and the refugees must learn a new way of life as guest of the president in a new country where they are behind a fence and only able to travel close by during the daytime.  Lives are changed and new relationships formed from this togetherness and it becomes almost like a little city behind the fence.  There are deaths and births among the little group.  They signed a paper when then come agreeing to return to their country after the war ended, many want to stay now and their is much controversy among the politicians.
The president that brought them died and another taking over doesn't want to make the decision to move them back.  what is to become of almost a thousand souls ready to be freed as the war ends?

I enjoyed reading this story given to me for a review by The Bookclub Network and Shiolh Run Press.  thank you

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Monday, August 11, 2014

The Revealing (Inn at Eagle Hill #3)The Revealing by Suzanne Woods Fisher
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Series The Inn at Eagle Hill-book #3"The Revealing" by Suzanne Woods Fisher

In this final book to the series Suzanne Woods Fisher has written a fast paced tale of deception,revalation and romance.
Secrets and living a life no one knows about is taking its toll on Naomi King.  Tobe Schrock was serving time at FCI Schuykill in Minersville for witholding evidence about his late fathers investment firm. Naomi knew the distance to her corner of the world in Stoney Ridge well.
No one knew she traveled there or why...
Rose's husband had worked at the investment firm and he had drowned leaving her a widow to manage alone.  Galen was a close friend to Rose's husband and was a comfort to her as time passed, helping when he could and the two became close, though he is younger then Rose.
at first beginning to read the story seemed confusing as there were so many characters to keep up with but once you get them straight and it switches back and forth you understand their part of the story and it all comes together quite well.
A young woman who is good at copying art gets in trouble and comes to the inn to reinvent herself.  a teenager Mim writes a column for the newspaper that no one knows she is the author of, Mrs Miracle who gives advise to the community. Jesse  moves to their community with his family and soon finds he likes this girl Mim and teases her a lot.
Before Tobe returns home, a young woman by the name of Paisley who is very much with child, comes and says she is Tobe girlfriend and the baby is his.  Rose feels obligated to help her while she searches for the truth of the matter.
As you can see a lot is happening in this little community and once you get all the characters sorted out, the story is really good.

I received this book from The Bookclub Network and Revell Publishing to read and review, thanks for the opportunity to read this author.

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Monday, August 4, 2014

Forever Amish: A Novel (Legacy of Lancaster Trilogy)Forever Amish: A Novel by Kate Lloyd
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Forever Amish: A Novel (Legacy of Lancaster Trilogy)
by Kate Lloyd (Goodreads Author)

I have wanted to read this author for awhile now and finally have,  she has not disappointed me...this is a wonderful story about the amish, when one leaves the community, can they ever come back?

Sally Bingham has lived her life as the daughter of "Big Ed" who has a car lot called "Honest Ed's cars".  Her mother left when she was just a babe and she has always wanted to know more about her but Pops is not talking.
This story starts with Sally receiving some strange emails from a woman in Lancaster county and she decides to follow up with a short trip to that area to find out what is going on....
Lizzie is an amish girl that she meets quite by accident and then finds out that she is the girl that wrote the emails when she rents a room in their home.
Sally is about to find out more then she ever thought she would about her mother and father.  come read this wonderful amish story and see the lives of this father-daughter change completely.

I received this book from The Bookclub Network and publisher David Cook, thank you for the opportunity to read this author and give my review.

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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Unexpected Love (Seasons of Redemption, #3)Unexpected Love by Andrea Boeshaar
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Seasons of Redemption series book #3"Unexpected Love"
by Andrea Boeshaar

Great story with the character Lorenna Fields who is a nurse that meets a patient who is blind and has amnesia,she calls him Mr Blackeyes and takes special care of him.
Renna as her dad calls her works long hours and many menial task in her wards.  Her superiors think she waste too much time with patients and gets emotionally involved.  She has a heart that won't let her do otherwise.
Captain Brian Sinclair was lost at sea when his yacht sank from an explosion and his mother-finance and friend lost their lives.  He was lucky to be seen by a ship nearby and picked up and brought for medical care.  It was sometime before he knew who he was and his memory returned in bits and pieces.  Renna was his caregiver and friend and when he was well enough physically her family offered him a place to stay while he continued to heal and get his memory back.
Brian and Renna spent much time together and he soon found himself liking this young woman a lot.
This story has a mystery,murder and mayhem along with romance and adventures you don't want to miss.  I look forward to the next book.

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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Promise Keeper (Sea Heroes of Duxbury)The Promise Keeper by Lisa Norato
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Promise Keeper, novel by Lisa Norato

~WOW~  great story here you don't want to miss the story of the Keeper and Captain Moon's family.
..Danger reunites a Sea Captain's daughter with her childhood protector...
Jonathan Mayne is only a little boy when the Captain stops at his Uncle's store and sees how he is mistreated, his heart won't let him stay, so he takes him with him to work on his ship.  The two bond deeply and as he grows into a man he helps the Captain in many ways enduring himself to the family.
As a man he becomes the Keeper of the lighthouse,Pilgrims Light, on island near the captains home.  He meets the little girl he befriended so many years ago,Iris Moon, the Captains daughter.
A Love that stretched through the years was one that the Captain and his Lady had and his daughter is the image of her mother giving many a start when they see her.  Secrets swirl about the Captain's Lady...

Reading this Love story that has a promise kept by a young boy who now reunites with the Captains daughter...he is grown-she is grown and there is a knowing between them even though she consciously doesn't remember him.
Are you good at keeping promises?  long-time promises? should a promise be broken after death of one involved.

Read this story and see how Lisa Norato has captured the hearts of an older Sea Captain and a small boy who likes to carve wood objects, A Lady in distress who was brought away from evil.

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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Discovering Joye: Uncovering the Treasures Inside Ordinary People, Places, Things and OurselvesDiscovering Joye: Uncovering the Treasures Inside Ordinary People, Places, Things and Ourselves by Jim Stovall
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

"Discovering Joye" by Jim Stovall

I am a fan of this author since reading "The Ultimate Gift"..amazing man that has faced his fears and now helps others to be able to see more in life...
This is a small book packed with gems of wisdom that you can take and share each day.  His phrase on the cover "Uncovering the Treasures inside ordinary people,places,things and ourselves", is just how he lives his life.
He makes me want to be a better person and I am sure you will agree after reading too.
Joye Kanelakos was just an ordinary woman with a hidden talent that was found after her death, in her poetry. Jim list much of her work in this little book and you will be amazed at the heart of this woman...
one stands out for me that I will list here:
God this day unfurled
to everyone
Throughout the world
Unblemished Day;
BeJeweled and Pearled~
A Gift to you and me.
For each man's tower
or just a stone.
Born to climb higher
or be left alone.
Time is the Gift.
Use it with care.
Climb to the Heights~
Our dreams flourish there.

~This woman points out what so many refuse to see in a lifetime~

I was given this book by The Bookclub Network to read and review, thank you for this opportunity....

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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Full Steam AheadFull Steam Ahead by Karen Witemeyer
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Karen Witemeyer writes  Historical novel "Full Steam Ahead"

Galveston is a port city and many types of ships can be found there, this story is written about the 1800's era.  Nicole Renard grew up on the island playing pirate games and her family is into shipping.
There is a feud and the story about a jewel encrusted dagger that makes for interesting reading.
When Nicole takes this dagger and leaves the island to save it, she encounters many hair-raising moments and when she is stranded along the way she meets Darius Thornton, whom many in the town thinks is crazy as he blows up boilers on his property, unkown is the fact that he is a scientist and trying to find ways to perfect the steamship boilers so they wont blow up at wrong times and cause so many deaths.  Nicole needs funds for the rest of her journey so she takes a job with Darius as assistant to earn her way.
This unlikely couple have more things in common then they are aware of and in time they have a mutual attraction that begins to grow.  Each thinks this is a mistake and tries to limit their times together.
She saves him during one of his testings and he saves her when the brothers come and kidnap her...
Will love continue to grow as they move full steam ahead?  can a compromise be made on both their sides.  You don't want to miss this story.

I received this book from The Bookclub Network and BethanyHouse Publishing to read and review, thank you so much.

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Friday, July 11, 2014

All for a Sister (All for, #3)All for a Sister by Allison Pittman
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

"All for a Sister" written by Allison Pittman

This story has three points of view..The mother- Celeste&Dana...

Secrets there are so many secrets and as the story unfolds you will learn the truth.  I love to read a story that keeps you reading wanting to know who did what and how they got away with it.
The Dufrane's were wealthy people and Dana's mother was a worker in the home at one time.
Papa Dufrane had a wandering eye and there were many women in his life.  some meant more then others and some he did not know at all...
Dana was imprisoned without a trial...more secrets.
Celeste was the apple of her daddy's eye.  This little girl was beautiful and she wanted to be in the movies and it helped that her father worked in the field of movies.
As Celeste and Dana,all grown up, learn each other's stories ,they face more questions then answers..Discovery comes..a written confession.
You will want to read to the end and see what happened to Dana at a young age and how the secrets unfold bringing truth to light.

I was given this book to read and review by the Bookclub Network and Tyndale publishing...Thank you for the opportunity to read this author.

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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The Treasured Brides Collection: Three Timeless Romances from a Beloved AuthorThe Treasured Brides Collection: Three Timeless Romances from a Beloved Author by Grace Livingston Hill
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

~The Treasured Brides collection by Grace Livingston Hill~

About Grace Livingston Hill

also wrote under the pseudonym Marcia MacDonald

A popular author of her day she wrote over 100 novels and numerous short stories of religious and Christian fiction. Her characters were most often young female ingénues, frequently strong Christian women or those who become so within the confines of the story.

I enjoyed reading these stories by this author of long ago.
her stories "The Big Blue Soldier", "Found Treasure", "The Patch of Blue" are of brides who will make you smile, cry and just remember the days that you were a bride too.
Love in the midst of their trials and faith leads them to eternal hope and peace..

I received this book from the Bookclub Network for an honest read and review, thank you and the Barbour publishing for a book to add to my collection on this beloved author.

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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Captured by Love (Michigan Brides, #3)Captured by Love by Jody Hedlund
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Novel by Jody Hedlund-book #3 "Captured by Love"-series Michigan Brides

This story was written about Michilimackinac Island, sometimes referred to as Macanaw.  1814...
I visited this island not long ago and so while  reading this story of Pierre and Angelique..I could see them running through the wooded areas and imagine the fort that I saw.. looking like Jody wrote.

Childhood friends,Angel has always looked up to Pierre and followed he and his brother Jean all over the island.  Now all grown up the two have much to contend with.  Pierre was a fur trader and gone for long periods of time and Angel accepted Jeans proposal of marriage just before he left for the war that was going on between the British and Americans.  Angel knew she never wanted to live anywhere but this wonderful island.

We will see Love and War intermingled in this story and Jody does it well. Hunger as the war rages and supplies are low too.

 As Tensions mount and violence surrounds them, Pierre and Angelique must decide where their loyalties rest and how much they'll risk for love.  She is loyal to Jean and keeps telling Pierre she cannot accept his love although she aches with how she feels when he is near.

Thank You Jody for another wonderful story part fiction&part facts..I love to read your books and see the vivid characters you bring to life..along with your research of the setting of the story and how well we can feel we are there and sometimes if we are lucky we will have been already...

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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Iam now reading this book and getting to know Pierre and Angelique 

you must pick up a copy and  get to know them too....

Captured by Love

Captured by Love by Jody Hedlund

Michigan Brides Collection, Book 3

Free downloads for Captured by Love: 

It is 1814 and the British have taken hold of Mackinac Island and its fort…
American residents were forced to swear an oath of loyalty to the British crown in order to retain their land. Pierre Durant is a voyageur–a fur trader who left his family home to find freedom and adventure. He’s been gone five years and when he returns, his family’s farm is at the mercy of the British invaders.
Torn between the life he’s grown used to and guilt over leaving his brother and mother, he’s drawn back into the loyalist fight against the British–and into a relationship with Angelique Labelle, a beautiful local girl who’s been befriended by the daughter of the British commander. As tensions mount and the threat of violence increases, both Angelique and Pierre must decide where their loyalties rest, how far they will go to find freedom, and how much they will risk to find love.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Raina's Choice (Western Justice, #3)Raina's Choice by Gilbert Morris
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Series Western Justice-book #3 Raina's Choice by Gilbert Morris

I have read this author before so didn't hesitate to pick up this book and read knowing it would be a great story.
Raina was a very pretty girl and had lots of trouble while living with her sister and brother in law.  She worked hard with nothing to show for it and he was always bothering her to the extreme that she knew she must leave,but How???
When she learns there is a young man in town going to Ft Smith -Indian territory where she knew her father had been, she jumped at the chance to go with him. She has been wanting to find her father for some time.
Tyler Kincaid ends up in jail and when a pretty girl brings him breakfast and ask for his help he is willing to help.

You will enjoy their journey and all the perils along the way.
Ty has his own demons to face and meeting Raina and her father helps him sort out his life and he too makes a choice before the end comes.

we will see a little about cattle owners and shepherds raising sheep and how the two don't get along also in this story.
I was given this book by TheBookclub.org and publisher Shiloh Run to read and review.  thank you

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Friday, June 13, 2014

"Captured By Love" new book coming out by Jody Hedlund, I got my copy today and ready to read this weekend. great story from a gal that puts her heart into words as she writes for us, do yourself a favor and read one of her books and you will be back, she writes fiction based on facts.

Watch for review to follow:

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

A Moment in Time (Lone Star Brides, #2)A Moment in Time by Tracie Peterson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Series of Lone Star Brides book #2 "A Moment in Time" by Tracie Peterson

I love to read about brides and their men so this book was just perfect for me.  Tracie is an author I like reading because she makes the characters so believable and lovable.
This is the story mainly of Alice but has little more of Marty&Jake from book #1 who was the lone star bride then.
Alice is being persued and has been hurt terribly that left a scar on her face, she is sure she will never have a man want to be with her but some men are worth more and don't notice outward appearances as much as the inner and Robert was just that man who came into her life after they moved to Texas.
You will enjoy meeting this big wonderful family of Robert's and seeing Texas through their eyes.  come read a great story that will take you to Texas near Dallas on a great ranch with cowboys a plenty.

Thanks to Bethany House publishers that gave me the opportunity to read this story for an honest review.

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