Friday, November 22, 2013

Amanda Weds a Good Man (One Big Happy Family #1)Amanda Weds a Good Man by Naomi King
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Series One Big Happy Family by Naomi King, book #1 "Amanda Weds a Good Man"

Amanda is a young widow with three daughters to raise, after her husband was killed in accident with farming equipment so suddenly.  One day they were one big happy family and the next he was gone and she was struggling.

Amanda was allowed to work with pottery which she had a talant for making pretty pieces from.  With the monies from this and help from a nephew that she had raised from a child when his parents were killed, they were able to keep the place going though it was run-down and needed work it was livable and they were happy.

Wyman lived in Cedar creek and he was a widower with 5 children and he decided to court Amanda if she would have him as he thought her a strong honest good woman.  He just knew they could help one another raise these kids.  Wyman had lost his wife and his youngest daughter had been mute ever since seeing the accident that took her life.

The children all seemed to get along together but you never know what will happen when you put them together under one roof.  come along and read with me how this good man and woman pull together to raise their families.

Changes had to be made for all concerned in this move and they did well until a hard strict bishop came in wanting changes that seemed unusual to both Amanda and Wyman, read how Mother nature intervenes and life changes drasticly for this couple.

I received this book from another blog and was happy to be able to read this author that is new to me, I am ready to read more about this "Big Happy Family"...

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Saturday, November 16, 2013

The Lady of Bolton HillThe Lady of Bolton Hill by Elizabeth Camden
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Lady of Bolton Hill by Elizabeth Camden

I loved getting to know Claire and Daniel when they were just kids but the story really rocks when they meet again after twelve long years and much living in between for both of them.

Claire is the daughter of a preacher and lives the good life as she grows up while Daniel comes from a family that is of a lower class, his dad works at the steam mill, Daniel likes to tinker with things and has been known to work on the machinery at the mills to help it keep running at times.  When an accident at the mill happens and his father dies, he is devastated and blames the owner of the mill.  He lets the hate and anger consume him as he goes into adulthood and becomes a wealthy man from patents. I think of the verse in the Bible about "having the whole world but losing your soul," Is appropiate here...

Claire worries for Daniel when they reunite and she sees how vengeful a person he has become, when she tries to steer him towards the church, he will have nothing to do with it.  Their love of music is a bond that enriches their lives and they strive to build on it.

Unions cause much conflict in the city where they live and when Claire goes missing He blames his old boss first and formost and spends lot of time looking to find the love of his life.

We are introduced to "Bane" in his younger days here and his work in the opium business, his cruelty learned from a man that had abducted him and held him captive so many years.  I was amazed at how Claire finally touched his soul.

Thank you Elizabeth for another wonderful rich story filled with Love along with the darker side of life.   I love to read this author and once you find her stories you will too.

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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Into the WhirlwindInto the Whirlwind by Elizabeth Camden
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Into the Whirlwind written by Elizabeth Camden

Some of the scenes in this story had me wondering how Elizabeth would save her characters...your emotions will definately be engaged as you read about the great Chicago fire and of the folks that survived it.

Mollie was just a young woman when her father died and she had to take charge of his business that had grown with his fellow survivors of war, they named the business 57th Watch company in honor of that group.  His employees were a small group that had disabilities and she felt like a "Mother Hen" many times as she looked out over the guys...  They not only made watches but they made fancy beautiful ones..

There were many hardships after the fire destroyed so much of Chicago and many were displaced living in tents and shelters, anyplace they could find to lay their heads.  Mollie and her group found a burned out church they stayed in that had no roof.  Sophie was a young rich spoiled girl they found along the way that they took under their wing to help, she was often disruptive and not a happy child to be around yet Mollie wanted to help and care for her, knowing she was probably scared to death in the horrific fires.  Sophie has a story within this story and watching her change is a sight to behold.

Zack had fallen in love with Mollie from afar, he loved her courage and the way she lives her life.  He helps her along the way as the fire rages and she is in awe of his strength and his courage to help when he could have went home and been safe.  but...He helped her through the streets to the lake through the inferno and danger.

Zack came from a questionable background and felt he owed his boss who helped him become an attorney and pulled him up by the bootstraps -so to speak-into a better life.  This sometimes gets in the way of doing what he wants to do with his life.  Many times he helps without being rewarded or even had it known that he was the one helping when Mollie needs a helping hand.

You will be in awe as you read the story of Mollie and Zack and then wonder how it all will change when another man steps in to help Mollie rebuild her business.  two men have hopes of winning the lovely Mollie,who will be honored to stand beside her...who will let her be herself and love her despite her strong character.

Thank you Elizabeth for such strong characters that I grew to love before finishing reading this book.  I am so glad that I found this author and you will be glad too if you have not read her and pick up this one to read.

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Friday, November 8, 2013

The Courier of Caswell Hall (American Tapestries)The Courier of Caswell Hall by Melanie Dobson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Courier of Caswell Hall by Melanie Dobson

This is an American Tapestry story telling of a time in history,of wars,spies and the men and women that had their lives changed forever.

A story of war and conflict in the days of the war between the states -sometimes brother against brother as the south and north clashed...
Then the british with their shiny red uniforms got in the mix and there was much confusion.  tariffs-fees-taxes all thought to be wrong by the southern elite as many plantations were burned to the ground and slaves either killed,ran away or joined the British armies.

Lydia.s father was uncertain how he would get his large estate harvested with the few that were left to work it, even his girls had to help or they would not have enough to live on for another year.

Lydia Caswell lived in a plantation (Caswell Hall) near the James river and  at the beginning our our story ,one night as she looksout her window she sees british ships going by on the river. "Father said they had left Virginia,what is happening-why are they here",  she went outside to get a closer look and while walking heard noises that led her to a man half frozen to death on the bank- in her heart she knew she must save him and this she did with the help of Elisha (slave).  They hid him away on the grounds and feared he would be found when a group from the british army came to their home and stayed making it their headquarters.  Lydia's parents were believers of the King and felt their property would be saved if they helped.

Lydia never knew she was harboring a spy and had put them into much danger by helping, this was only the beginning of changes that would be made in her life and the lives of friends and family.

Melanie takes us back to a time in history that some may have forgot and shows the bravery of the men and women in that period.
Thank you and Melanie that I was able to read this book and remember....

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Friday, November 1, 2013

The Guardian (Home to Hickory Hollow #3)The Guardian by Beverly  Lewis
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A new series Home to Hickory Hollow with book #3"The Guardian" by Beverly Lewis

I was honored to see this author when she came to Statesboro Ga on book tour for this book, she is such a quiet genteel woman just as I assumed she would be.  I have read many of her books and this one was just as good as the others, she tells the amish stories well.

A little different this time we see an english person coming into the amish area to house-sit for friends and she spies a very young girl all dirty and without her dress all curled up under a tree when she goes running one morning...this will drastically change her life.

Jodi Winfield has lost her sister recently and now feels she cannot pray or feel close to God as she did before. she and her sister were so close and the memories invade her thoughts daily.  Jodi is a school teacher without a job and she looks for schools while being in Lancaster Pa by computer.  She has a betrothed that has chosen a year apart to work in another country as a school teacher, they are at odds because Jodi feels she does NOT want to be a mother and he must accept this revelation before they puts a damper on their relationship.  Jodi after theloss of her sister feels to love a child that she might lose is more then she can bear...

The little girl lost Sarah comes from an amish family and speaks only Pa dutch so is unable to communicate with Jodi when found but they seem to bond when she takes her home with her and cleans her up and feeds her.  Jodi has strong feelings towards the child and her heart strings are tugged as she helps find the family and reunite them again.

Sarah tells everyone that her angel has found her and all the family seem to concur.  They are so thankful she was found and returned unharmed.  Sarah is the last of the children of MaryAnna as she lost her husband in a farm accident.
I think Jodi was meant to find this family and they helped her find God again in her life.  Her caring of Sarah and their bonding helped her to see that a life without children would be empty indeed.
I have not read all the books in this series but the story was a great one as stand alone.  I am sure I will read the others though as I so enjoyed this glimpse into Hickory Hollow again.

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