Sunday, March 31, 2013

Cowgirl TrailCowgirl Trail by Susan Page Davis
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Series of Morgan Family, book#5 "Cowgirl Trail"by Susan Page Davis

I must say though I have not read any others in the series this was a delightful read...I am sure it would have been better had I read the whole series.
This book deals with papa being sick and being the strong man that he is he doesn't want anyone to know.  His decisions about the ranch are not the best and many of the men are "fed up" and decide to strike...
Maggie has just came home and she is unaware of lot of things going on at the ranch but she can see papa needs help and decides she will be the one to help him.
When the men leave in the middle of round-up she rallies her friends and gets an all girl team to help her finish it...can you imagine this.
I think many thought it would an adventure and wanted to help their friend when they first agreed to help.  Soon they found out this was a rough-tough job, Could they do it?  you will love reading this story and how Maggie with a little help from her friends saves the "Rocking P Ranch", then learns that papa is dying and she will inherit.
Alex Bright, came to the ranch while a young boy and grew up working there and became foreman while Maggie was gone.  He loves the ranch and the man that gave him a chance.  Will he side with his men to strike or can he still help Maggie whom he admires for her attitude to the situation.  Maggie had always had a soft spot for this young man, will it grow into love that will mature and last a lifetime?
come read this story of the Morgan Family..

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Friday, March 29, 2013

It is Easter time again and today is "Good Friday" the day that we remember Jesus death on the Cross, his horrible death gave us life for eternity...God shed his grace by giving his son to die in our place.  I hope that you have a relationship with Jesus-God and the Holy Spirit today

                            .. I found a short article I wrote before on Good Friday and wanted to share it with you...

.;Good Friday
DATE: 04/22/11 05:11 pm
STATUS: publish
Many Many years ago Jesus walked this earth as you and I do today, He came as a baby and was raised by Joseph and Mary.; He went about his fathers business and was known to be in the synagogs(Church) teaching even as a young boy.; He grew to manhood and was tempted as you and I are today. He lived his life; as an example that we should follow.; On a friday He was hung on a cross high on a hill and mocked and scorned by soldiers and the people of the day.; He gave his life that you and I might be free from the snare of the devil if we choose to be.; We can have eternal life and live with him on high forever because HE gave his life for;our sins.;We can look forward to Easter Sunday when he Arose from the grave as we one day will arise from ours and live eternally. He said In his fathers home there are many mansions and we shall live there one day.; I;want to be in that number when my time on this earth is over. Thank You Heavenly Father....
Ann Gabhart has a second printing of old book "Scent of Lilacs"
                  ~Sometimes you have to read a book a second time to find out more about the character~

The Scent of LilacsThe Scent of Lilacs by Ann H. Gabhart
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was a wonderful story of plain country folks that lived day to day . Jocie is a preachers daughter and she is growing up and learning about things in the family and adjusting to life after her Mother did not want her and literaly gave her to her daddy to raise then left them taking one daughter with her, story has many secrets that will be let out of the bag...
There was a constant in her life of a man that thinks he is from Jupiter and she loves to hear his stories, I think he keeps her grounded with his craziness.
HollyHill has a terrible tornado they go through and this is a harrowing experience that Ann writes well about and you will feel as you were there when you read how Jocie gets through this...
A young girl that is a preachers kid has a LOT of learning to do because he usually tries to keep things from her,(protect her).
Jocie grows up with her Dad and a housekeeper but always yearns for her mama and the sister that left.
You will enjoy reading Ann's account of small town USA and a teen growing up..a lot different then how one lives today.

I re-read this book and saw things I had missed the first time, I grew up similar to Jocie so book had lot of meaning for me..

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Monday, March 25, 2013

A Noble GroomA Noble Groom by Jody Hedlund
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Jody Hedlund writes a novel "A Noble Groom"

Annalisa Werner lives a hard life in Michigan 1880.  She has a weak husband that treated her like an object instead of cherishing her as his wife. He stole her egg money and gambled it away caring little that the mortgage soon must be paid so when he died suddenly she did not grieve as a loving wife but then wondered what would happen now, how would she work the farm..they had a small child, Gretchen, a beautiful little girl.  It was much later that she realized she was to have another child.
The men in the family determined the fate of the women and almost instantly it was noted that they would find her a husband to carry on with the they sent word to the old country to send someone.
In the old country their were noblemen and then the poorer classes.
A servent in the Baron Von Reichart home learned of the need and knew they must send the son who had been arrested on false charges to America where he would be safe, he was given the name Carl Richards and told to go help the young woman until her groom arrived from the old country.
Journeys to America took a long time and were very hard on folks but he finally made his way there and offered his help under his new assummed name.
Annalisa knew from the start there was something different about this man, He did not look like one of them and he knew even less about work on a farm...There was never a more determined man though and Carl worked hard each day for Annalisa's farm and then stayed at night in her fathers barn.
Annalisa's brother took pity on Carl and taught him how to do chores and watched to make sure he did not mistreat his sister.  It was a very hard life and Carl thought many a day that he would just lay down and die from the exhaustion.
Carl had his faith and he often spoke to Annalisa about God.  She was reluctant to believe that God would help her but in time the faith of this hard working man creeped back into her soul.  You see once you are saved God never leaves you, it is you that leaves him for a time and you must make your way back to the relationship you had from the beginning..He waits there for you.
you will enjoy reading the story of Annalisa and Carl and how they find comfort from one another until her groom appears and shakes the boat so to speak, because by now the couple have found they care for one another.
Secrets never stay hidden and life is never just what we think it will be, Typhoid Fever came and many  were quarnenteed in their homes,many died...a devastating fire consumed everything in its path and many hid in wells on property to survive when they could not reach the lake. It was a time of much hardship working the lands in Michigan and only the strong would survive...
I loved the era and the characters of this story and you will too...
I was given this book from the author for a honest review , thank you for the opportunity to read this wonderful story.  Once again you have written a great story from facts and fiction added...

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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

When the Heart HealsWhen the Heart Heals by Ann Shorey
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Series "Sisters at Heart" book #1 When the Heart Heals by Ann Shorey

I really enjoyed reading this story set in the town of Noble Springs, Missouri...In a country healing from war, can a young woman find healing for her heart?

What a story of courage and faith intertwined..two young people meet, one a Doctor who has secrets in his background and has moved to a small town to begin his practice and the other a young woman who had been a nurse during the civil war and needs to support herself so she wont have to move in with a brother.  Rosemary is a stubborn woman with a lot of courage and she chooses to go back into nursing because she knows she can do the work.  When she applies at the Doctors office she recognizes him as one of the Doctors she had worked with in the war briefly but he does not recognize her.  In this period in time most nurses were men and he was reluctant to hire her ..after some thought though he told her he would accept her on a trial basis.
It seems almost immediately they "butt heads and hearts", Can they work together..Both try extra hard, Rosemary believes strongly in herbal treatments and many times gets into trouble with the good Doctor when she lets a patient know of a herb that will help.
Into the story is mixed suspense when someone writes letters "witch",
you have been warned and herb garden is trashed..Rosemary is at a loss as to why this would be happening and soon the sheriff is brought into the picture to find the culprit.
Elijah's father wants him to come back home and take over his practice eventually and his tactics are less then honorable when it comes to getting him to do so.
This appealing mix of history and romance will keep you turning the pages to see what will happen next with the Dr and nurse as they come closer together...

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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Still FaithfulStill Faithful by Jewell Tweedt
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Still Faithful is book #2 in Back to Omaha adventure by Jewell Tweedt

I have read both of these books by Jewell and the only thing I can find wrong with them is that they are too small.. The characters are wonderful and following them through the books makes you come to love them and feel as if you are right along with them on their adventure.
Cal Davidson was a young man full of life and felt he should serve when the war broke out, leaving his sweetheart, Claire.  The young couple had identical 1/2 heart necklaces they wore around their necks and when the war was over and they were together again the heart would be whole again as theirs would be too.
War is a horrible thing though and no one can predict what the future will be and when Cal didn't come back even after 3 years later, Claire moved to Omaha when an aunt died and she inherited a store.
Claire felt she needed to move on with her life and though Omaha was a rough town she loved it and not long after going there she was courted by the sheriff Tom.
Arianna Quincey lives near Omaha in book #2 and she comes from a hard working family that has many children,they are barely making a living..So Arianna at the age of 19 felt she wanted more then to be a farmers wife and talked her parents into letting her move into Omaha and help her cousin in the store that Claire has.  Claire now is married to Tom and has a baby.  They live out of town on a ranch.
There are small rooms behind the store that Arianna can live in and she takes her dog to town with her to be protection.  This young woman feels she wants to remain unmarried and find out what life is about.  almost immediately she meets a young man who is the new deputy in town and there is an attraction between the two.  Jason has a secret and feels he needs to keep his distance.  It seems the two are thrown together many times and soon begin courting as Jason's heart warms to this young girl who has so much courage striking out on her own.
You will enjoy reading this series by Jewell and meeting these wonderful characters, I am anxious to read book #3 when it is out.
My heart broke for Cal and his troubles weaved through these first two books.  There is a kidnapping, mystery surrounding the deputy. bad guys and good guys in this rough and tough town of Omaha and I know you will enjoy their adventure written by a young woman who grew up in Omaha.

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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Unbreakable (Road to Kingdom, #2)Unbreakable by Nancy Mehl
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Series Road to Kingdom by Nancy Mehl, book #2 "Unbreakable"

There is much tension in the air as we start this story of Hope Kauffman in the Mennonite community of Kingdom...
Someone does not like "anyone" who is a Mennonite and is threatening the very thread that runs through this community, there have been church fires and buggies of the folks run off the roads.
There is division among the leaders as "HOW" to handle this situation.

Hope has lived with her father helping to run their business at Kingdom Quilts. she has led a sheltered life and though she is in her mid twenties she has not married yet.  The fathers of Ebbie Miller and Hope have suggested the two marry and they have accepted as they have known one another all their lives.

Now one Jonothon Weise has come into the community and Hope and he find an attraction almost instantly, as Hope gets to know this charming young man she is torn between two men and questions should she marry "Ebbie".
When Ebbie sees her confusion he breaks the engagement,stating they both need someone who is fully committed.
I was happy to read more of Lizzie and her daughter Charity that had came back to "Kingdom" needing a place to stay, Cora who ran the resturant offered her a job and let them live upstairs, this was in the first book and now they are thriving and happy.
Many in the community are upset about the "accidents" that have been happening and have different ideas as to a solution.
Ebbie is an elder and his faith is strong and he says Pray and have faith that God will protect them..
Jonothon wants the community to do something and suggest carrying rifles(unloaded) to scare whomever that is threatening them.  This worries Hope's father greatly, as he too like Ebbie thinks Prayer and Faith are the only keys they need.
You will enjoy reading this second book of Kingdom and see how they finally come to terms with the problem.  In this little community of Kingdom many now question the very foundation of their faith that they have always adhered to.

I was given this book by Bethany House for an honest review, thank you for the opportunity to read this story.

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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The StruggleThe Struggle by Wanda E. Brunstetter
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Series "Kentucky Brothers" by Wanda Brunstetter, the last book is ~The Struggle~

#3 book is the story of Timothy, twin to Titus.  Timothy married young and some thought he did not choose well as he married a young woman that was very close to her mother.  They saw one another often and she always consulted her mother about a problem or just daily life to the extent that Timothy felt he did not come first in her life as he felt he should after they married.
Brothers Titus and Samuel had moved to Ky and both loved the new place and they encouraged Timothy to think of moving to seperate this mother and daughter.
Hannah of course felt like he was just being "plain out mean" to move her away from her family and the only life she had ever known.
They lived with Samuel and his children for awhile till they could sell their home and get another and living with someone is always hard.
Samuel had lost his wife before moving to Ky and a new start, He was seeing a young woman and he planned to remarry but this was put on hold to help his brothers family.  Esther came each day to watch Samuels children while he worked. She had grown to love the children and the Father after they moved to Ky. Now there were two women in one home doing chores together and soon Hannah was upset about this too, if she had to be in this foreign place she wanted her own home and things.
Hannah and Timothy had a little girl who she was very protective of and she seldom let her be out of sight.  when a terrible accident took the life of this little one, Hannah was devastated, she blamed her husband for not putting screens on window that the child fell from and the marriage was crumbling very fast.
Hannah felt she could no longer love or trust this man so she packed her things and left to return home, she knew she needed her mother.
Timothy went through a really bad time he had lost his daughter AND his wife also.. he worked nonstop trying to keep himself busy.  He was on the verge of a breakdown himself.
You will enjoy reading this story and seeing how God brings these two back together and they are able to forgive and love again.  We will see the marriage of Samuel and Esther and how his children thrive with a new mama.
Amid the ashes of grief and struggle, will renewed love, faith and hope emerge?
I enjoyed reading this series and seeing three brothers find  new homes in Ky, loving the lands and the people ..finding Love is there when we seek God first in our lives and ask his guidance with everything. "Lean not unto thy own understanding"....

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Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Healing (Kentucky Brothers, #2)The Healing by Wanda E. Brunstetter
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Series of "The Kentucky Brothers" by Wanda Brunstetter, Book#2 The Healing

This story is the one of Samuel, leading a good life with the wife he chose from his youth, they have three children and another on the way when a terrible accident takes the life of his beloved wife Elsie.  Samuel is blindsided was so sudden.  One day she was there, the next gone and he had a very hard time functioning as each day the sun shone on another day and his children needed him.  The family was concerned as they saw how Samuel became a shadow of the former man.
Titus had moved to Kentucky some time before and while there for the funeral he told his brother he should move near him and he would help him get started, maybe being in  a new place would help him get started again living life as God wants us to live our lives.
Samuel and the children moved in with Titus till his place could be sold and he could get another there.  He found work and threw himself into that to lessen his pain.  He met a young amish woman and had her come stay with the children during the days while he worked but his heart needed much mending before he could see how wonderful this young woman was.
Titus had been engaged when Samuel moved there and now his relationship was strained as he needed to spend much time with cooking for Samuel's family and just being there for them.
Esther while working with Samuel's children come to love them and did her best to see they had someone to pay attention since their father was so "absent".  She felt his pain and wanted to help him but knew just being there and helping was all she could do for now and she tried to see that Samuel spent some times with the children.  In time He noticed this young woman Esther and she helped him by spending time with him and the children like a picnic by the river and fishing, simple things bringing the family together and she knew she was beginning to care a lot for Samuel and prayed one day he would see her also.
You will enjoy reading this story of a strong love in a family and the grief they went through when one was lost, their coming back to normalcy of everyday life and learning to live and love again.  Life moves on and we must embrace it and live as God would want us too.  One day at a time, sharing with one another his Love.
Samuel and Esther found a different type love then what he had before but after much time grief did loose its grip and a new family came together...

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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Journey (Kentucky Brothers, #1)The Journey by Wanda E. Brunstetter
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Series Kentucky Brothers by Wanda Brunstetter, Book #1"The Journey"

Wanda Brunstetter has a great love for the Amish people and she writes wonderful stories that depict the life so well, I always enjoy picking up a book by this author and am thrilled when a series has several for added enjoyment.

This book tells the story of Titus who has a twin brother (Timothy) and he has always felt like he didn't quite measure up.  Timothy always did everything so well and married young, now has a family and working leading a good life, Titus feels the need to move to Ky from Pennsylvania after a longtime girlfriend leaves the community and is not sure she wants to marry Titus.
In Kentucky Titus meets a wonderful family, The Yoder's, they have a daughter Suzanne who looks a lot like his girlfriend so Titus tries to stay away from her because she makes him remember Phoebe...Her father hires Titus to work in his workshop with wood and he loves the job and soon makes friends with many people, except Suzanne.
Kentucky is so different from Pennsylvania and Titus finds he likes living here even though he misses his family -esp. his twin brother.
Life in any community has its ups and downs and Titus matures as he lives and works with the Yoders in Ky.
Over time as he sees more of Suzanne he realizes she is nothing like his old girlfriend and he begins to talk to her and they start courting.  They are just getting close when life throws a monkey wrench into their lives....Phoebe, the old girlfriend shows up in Ky.
She is broke and wants Titus to take her back, she wants to marry and live in Ky with him.  Titus had strong feelings once for this girl and he doesn't want to hurt her,but he is confused by her showing up unnannounced now that he is finally getting his life together and put the past behind him.
He decides to not see either woman until he can pray about this situation and have a clear head.  This causes both women to feel hurt and confused and Suzanne feels he will most likely go back to Phoebe and she is heartsick....
You will enjoy reading the stories of the Ky Brothers and the way life changes for them in their choices.
I liked the way Wanda handled the situation in the book and many of us today should do more of that , meditating in God's word and with prayer before we make choices in our lives.

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Friday, March 1, 2013

Jerry Eicher writes about growing up in "My Amish Childhood"

                            ...  The Amish Life may be Simple but It's Never Boring....

My Amish Childhood: A True Story of Faith, Family, and the Simple LifeMy Amish Childhood: A True Story of Faith, Family, and the Simple Life by Jerry S. Eicher

My Amish Childhood by Jerry Eicher
This is a story written by Jerry about how he grew up, a True story of Faith,Family and the Simple Life....

In the states the amish contemplated foreign missions as a way to reach more people for God so they began with two farms in Honduras, sending families to start this group.  There were many hardships and life was so different there from the states...A different culture.  One thing I see is there was much stealing among the local folks and the amish had hard time keeping anything safe and secure.  Even the folks that they got to work for them were finally found out to be ones stealing from them also.

Jerry as a child seemed to have a lot of free time to move about and he liked being able to view things that were happening around him.  This child told lies even though he knew it was wrong and always seemed to have trouble with others because of his stuttering problem.  Many folks just did not understand what he was saying and at times misunderstood what he was trying to communicate.  He spent much of his time staying away from folks and other children and I suppose this is why he liked to roam and just view things.
As time went on it seemed the amish folks relaxed many of their rules simply because they were so far from the states and other amish folks.  There was much division among the leaders because of this.
Jerry's father had a machine shop that had many tools that would not have been possible back in the states.  Many of the elders did farming and there were many chores to be done.
Jerry lived his young life simply doing whatever he wanted for the most part though he did do chores told to do and he loved his parents and other family members, yet he felt he didn't fit in because of his stuttering problems.  There finally came a time when He felt God come into his life and convict him of the many things he had done wrong and he went about trying to make amends with the folks he had wronged.
Jerry loved the land and mountains of the Honduras and didn't want to move back to the states but later in life the group finally did just that leaving a small grp there to carry on.

From his birthplace in Canada to strange lands and languages of the rural life in the Honduras then back again to the states, Jerry's adventures will astound you.  The Simple Life didn't seem so simple in a place where the culture was so different.  Come and read about this author's childhood and growing up Amish....

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