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Unbreakable (Road to Kingdom, #2)Unbreakable by Nancy Mehl
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Series Road to Kingdom by Nancy Mehl, book #2 "Unbreakable"

There is much tension in the air as we start this story of Hope Kauffman in the Mennonite community of Kingdom...
Someone does not like "anyone" who is a Mennonite and is threatening the very thread that runs through this community, there have been church fires and buggies of the folks run off the roads.
There is division among the leaders as "HOW" to handle this situation.

Hope has lived with her father helping to run their business at Kingdom Quilts. she has led a sheltered life and though she is in her mid twenties she has not married yet.  The fathers of Ebbie Miller and Hope have suggested the two marry and they have accepted as they have known one another all their lives.

Now one Jonothon Weise has come into the community and Hope and he find an attraction almost instantly, as Hope gets to know this charming young man she is torn between two men and questions should she marry "Ebbie".
When Ebbie sees her confusion he breaks the engagement,stating they both need someone who is fully committed.
I was happy to read more of Lizzie and her daughter Charity that had came back to "Kingdom" needing a place to stay, Cora who ran the resturant offered her a job and let them live upstairs, this was in the first book and now they are thriving and happy.
Many in the community are upset about the "accidents" that have been happening and have different ideas as to a solution.
Ebbie is an elder and his faith is strong and he says Pray and have faith that God will protect them..
Jonothon wants the community to do something and suggest carrying rifles(unloaded) to scare whomever that is threatening them.  This worries Hope's father greatly, as he too like Ebbie thinks Prayer and Faith are the only keys they need.
You will enjoy reading this second book of Kingdom and see how they finally come to terms with the problem.  In this little community of Kingdom many now question the very foundation of their faith that they have always adhered to.

I was given this book by Bethany House for an honest review, thank you for the opportunity to read this story.

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