Friday, July 3, 2015

A Bride at Last (Unexpected Brides #3)A Bride at Last by Melissa Jagears
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3rd book "A Bride at Last" in series Unexpected Brides by Melissa Jagears

I have not read others in the series but this stand alone story is an amazing one that keeps you reading way past time to stop.  I could not put it down.
Silas Jonesey was a quite man who had taken a mail order bride to live with him in Kansas.  She came from home of wealth and was not used to the hard life in Kansas and left him within a few months.
For ten long years he wondered where his wife was and if she would come back.  He was a lonely man but had his homestead to work or lose it.
Kate Dawson lived in Missouri and had been helping a young woman who was very sick and had a 9 year old son.  Kate became very attached to the boy, Anthony.
Kate worked as a teacher so depended on the community to live with one of the parents of her students.  She received little pay, but with what she got she helped Anthony and his Mom out.
Kate met Silas on the night that Anthony's mom died. Silas had finally found his wife and lost her at the same time.  Upon realizing he was a father he left no stone unturned trying to get custody.  Finally he would have a family and that meant so much to him.
But.....another man arrives in town and says he is Anthony's father and then the battle begins.
Reading of the woman and child and how they had lived and then meeting Kate who wanted to help and becoming involved in the lives of the two was heartbreaking.  When she worked with Silas after realizing there was no way she could raise the boy herself, she found herself seeing the strong caring man he was and began to lose her heart to him.  Can these two hurting lonely people find love and raise this little boy?  I enjoyed the story that Melissa has weaved for us that has so much involved and the mystery unravels as we read.

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I was given this book by Bethany house publishing for an honest review,thank you for the opportunity to read a wonderful author that writes from the heart...