Sunday, July 17, 2011

My Sister

I have a sister that fell in May of this year and broke bones in her foot, she is a diabetic and on oxygen and the healing process has not done its job so now she is facing the loss of this foot and 6 inches up the leg.  She has a great attitude about it which I had worried about.  I was able to talk with her last night and I could tell by her voice and the things she said that she has no problem with the surgery.  She is just looking forward to going home again as she has been in a rehab ctr in Franfort for 2 months now.  "There is no place like home" we all know this and I can understand her need to be there with her husband and daughter.
She has been told there will be home health nurses come each day to help her and that a van will come to take her to dialysis ctr three times a week. 
I am the one who has the problem as I am a wreck thinking of her loss.  I must learn to accept this as well as she has and not let her know that I am squeemish about the whole thing.  I asked myself, if the other did not heal - how will this next surg heal, will she have more problems down the road???
I must learn to Pray to the Great Physician and let him take my worries away and let him handle this.

A Sister in Need