Friday, May 27, 2016

Christmas at Holly HillChristmas at Holly Hill by Martha   Rogers
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Another wonderful story from Martha out on the prairies..."Christmas at Holly Hill"

This is not a big Christmasy book as I thought when I started it. Holly Hill is an orphanage and the couple that run it with their daughter love children so much that it just seems like a big loving family.

Clayton Barlow has just came back to town after serving time in prison, he got into trouble when young with a group of young men that were up to no good. To make matters worse -his father-was the one that let the sherriff know he had been involved in a robbery. Clay only wants to come back to town and earn respect again -mostly from his aging parents.

Most of the towns people are not too forgiving but right away he runs into an old school chum,Merry Lee Warner, whom he had went to school with and even had a crush on before things went bad for him. She is a loving caring person and accepts him as he his and wants to renew their friendship. Can Clay prove that he has changed his ways and have others accept him?

Martha Rogers has these characters pull us into their lives as the pages turn, chapter after chapter. Soon we are hoping right along with Clay for them to see he has changed.

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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Believe it or not

Today I listened to a man tell of how he comes to terms with Trump becoming the 45th president as a christian.
God does not always choose christian people to further his plans,sometimes one that is brash and just a little different, can be chosen.
He spoke of reading in Isaiah 45th chapter that Cyrus was such a man and he believes that Trump just might be the "Cyrus" of  our days now.
One that HE will lead to help our country from the evil that has taken over.  God can do many things that man alone cannot,and I want to believe that this could be so.
I have read this chapter in Isaiah and  can see the similarities of Cyrus and Trump.
I am hoping others will read and prayerfully decide themselves if there just could be something here.
I have never seen such a movement in our country in the elections as I have this year -state after state.,"The People" have spoken.  Evil surrounds us each and everyday.
we have monuments to war veterans desecrated and even removed.  laws made and some just done without laws to back them up.   Killings and riots in the streets. family members killing their own also.
It is not safe to trust and without trust where are we?  I am saddened each day when I see more of the same.

Nearly 150 years before Cyrus was born, the prophet Isaiah foretold his birth, his name, and the tasks that the Creator God had predetermined for him to accomplish. The Bible records that certain people are foreordained to be born and carry out specific tasks for God during their lifetime and a few of these individuals are even named before their birth. Cyrus the Great was one of these individuals whom God had predestined to play a pivotal roll in his awesome plan for humanity.
King Cyrus was an extremely important person, because God destroyed the Babylonian empire through him, and brought a close to a seventy-year punishment of the Jews that God imposed on them for their rebellion against him. Also through King Cyrus, God set into motion his seventy-week prophecy that fixed the year for the Messiah's death and resurrection, and reveals the sequence of events and dates for the Messiah's return which will bring to an end human rule of the earth, and usher in the government of God to rule over the entire earth.
Although historians have slightly differing interpretations and views of the historical record concerning the dates of Cyrus' birth and death and his various accomplishments, there is ample historical documentation that Cyrus the Great was indeed a real person whose name is mentioned over 22 times in the Bible and whose tomb in Iran can be visited today.

Monday, May 16, 2016

The Amish FirefighterThe Amish Firefighter by Laura V. Hilton
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Laura V Hilton writes a novel "The Amish Firefighter"

Abigail Stutzman has been taken to a bus station and sent many miles from home and family ,not knowing WHY...She is to live with an aunt that she never knew she had, to say she is heartbroken would only be a smidgin of what she feels.

Sam Miller is an amish man but has an unusual job,he likes to work with firemen and is an EMT. A paramedic-in-training. There have been too many fires in his community and he wants to know WHY...then Abigail shows up and also is found at one of the scenes of a barn fire.

How can she explain-she is only in the wrong place , not the "fire-lighter" as Sam calls her.

In the midst of making friends in a new community Abigail befriends some she should not. soon she learns but by then the damage has been done and Sam questions HOW Abigail always seems to be in the wrong place.

These two seem to be thrown together in the next few weeks and as they get to know one another, there are sparks that fly which each of them tries to squash not wanting there to be anything between them. Abigail and Sam soon realize there is no use to deny and come to terms with their budding relationship.

many have great comments for this author and her story but from a readers prospective this review is written to remind others that a book is just a book until you open and read the pages and immerse yourself with the characters who will touch your heart in the author's story.

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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Someone Like YouSomeone Like You by Victoria Bylin
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Someone Like You by Victoria Bylin

This book and story will capture your heart..
Zeke and Julia Dare have a history and you know that always leads to sparks...

Julia now has a new business she has started, called "Dare to Dream",Her Mom recently widowed lives with Julia and helps with Julia's young son.
Julia had not married but the father is definately in her life and his sons. She has made it known she wishes no more with him then that,he is her son's father and as such they will have to have some interaction. He wants her back.
Back in college days she -Hunter and Zeke had known one another, now their lives are entangled once again.
Zeke had been a preachers son and a deeply religous person in his college days but since has lost the will to communicate with God and has intense feelings when he finds that Julia who had not been a christian in college days -now is one.
you will want to read and see how the two find what once was and builds their relationship into one so many times better...a story written about Forgiveness-Love and family relationships.

I received this book from Bethany House -division of Baker Publishing to read and review,thank you very much for this opportunity.

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