Saturday, October 29, 2011

Relentless by John Bevere ISBN 978-0-307-45775-2

I have just finished reading John Bevere's book "Relentless" and I am amazed.
John states that Christians are not meant to "Just get by".   He says we should rule the earth. God gave mankind the earth to inhabit and rule. He gave us his abundant Grace and it is all we need to live lives abundantly.
 I had never thought of some of the things that John tells us in his book. He gives scripture to back up things he talks about and some stories of his own life where he uses his God given Grace to get through some tough times.
 I think every Christian should read this book and form their own opinion.

 I am thankful that I was given this book by WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing group to review.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Book By Cindy Woodsmall "The Christmas Singing"

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My rating: <a href=" of 5 stars
What an adorable little story by Cindy Woodsmall"The Christmas Singing" Two amish folks Gideon and Mattie grew up together and as they got older their friendship became even more special as they realized they loved one another and wanted to share their lives together for all time...then...Gideon did the unthinkable and told Mattie they must go their seperate ways and see other people.
She was was he....but he never let anyone know Why...
will they find their way back to one another, will being apart bring them into so much more of a sweeter relationship if and when they do.
Read this story and feel the emotions.
I wanted to read further when I got to the end of this book.  will there be a sequel Cindy?