Sunday, September 18, 2011

Fall is coming to Ga

My thoughts are more on the weather now as fall ascends to our area with little cooler weather and cloudier days.  Garden is almost gone and my son has planted some cooler plants.
My thoughts in July were so much on my sister and they have changed some as she is home now and I can hear a cheerfulness in her voice on the phone.  She is kept busy during the week with dialysis 3 times a week and also adding some home therapy for her to strengthen her body. She happily told me she can get out of bed and into her chair on her own.  It isnt easy yet but she can do it.  I am so proud of her, she has immense courage.
Our brother from Texas has an RV and has been traveling some since July, he first went to Colorado which he and his wife love the cooler weather there.  they stayed a good 4-6 weeks then traveled to Ky for visit with some of the family in area there.  He and a sister went up to visit my sister Linda who has been so ill and they got a bucket of chicken and took a dessert and had wonderful visit and lunch with her.  I have a pic and will try to post of Ken & Linda. (Happy times).  He left Ky shortly after that visit and went towards Pa and had about a week in the area there near Lancaster County.  He will soon head to the NY and Maine area next.  I am so happy that he and his wife can do all this traveling and see our wonderful United States.