Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Love Inspired Texas Twins series by Jillian Hart "Reunited for the Holidays"

Reunited for the HolidaysReunited for the Holidays by Jillian Hart

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Love Inspired Texas Twins series by Jillian Hart "Reunited for the Holidays"

this is the second book I have read recently of this series and it by another author yet the story moves along with the folks I have met in Arlene James book continuing their story.. questions in that book are answered in this one, thanks Arlene and Jillian for a wonderful story of this family...

Twenty five years ago Brian Wallace and Belle Colby had been married, just young kids having kids and have them they did -two sets of twins. two little boys-two little girls, then the family was torn apart and each took a boy and a girl -going their seperate ways-never to see one another again. This had been the plan.

Brian became a medical dr and gave his services to others, after one mission he returns to find his family reunited, He has always loved Bell though he had remarried and had a son with her. She had been a wonderful mother to his children and life had been good. He lost her several years before he returned and found that the twins had found one another and his Belle had been in a coma for 6 months now going through rehabilitation.
Jillian gives answers to why the family broke up and what happens as this family is reunited once again. Happiness reigns when the girls meet men they want to marry and Jack fell in love with the girl that had no memory -which by the way did return. His brother (Identical twin brother) and he were learning about one another. Grayson has a finace when he comes to meet Jack. Two girls and two boys now all grown up with mates chosen for their lives, now "Hope" there will be a way for their Mom and Dad to reunite after all this time has passed and each has made their own way in life.
Brian is a well to do doctor and Belle is the head of a ranch that is well known. Can these two find their way back to the young love they once knew after so much time apart.
I am so thankful that I received this second book from Jillian just as I finished reading the first one by Arlene, it was not planned-just happened.
Come and read and enjoy this series "Texas Twins", talk about double your pleasure-double your fun, we have here double-double.

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Love Inspired Texas Twins series by Arlene James "Carbon Copy Cowboy"

Carbon Copy Cowboy (Texas Twins, #3)Carbon Copy Cowboy by Arlene James

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Love inspired Texas Twins series by Arlene James "Carbon Copy Cowboy"

Jack Colby is riding his ranch deep in thought because he has learned recently that he has a twin brother (an identical one) that he never knew existed. this news was on top of his sister meeting a young woman who they now knew was her twin sister. So many changes and so many questions with no answers...
It is at this moment he sees a little red car driving so fast towards a bad curve in the road and he prays for the person inside, please slow down you will never make that curve in the road-he then races his horse over the land towards the highway hoping he can get there in time to help. He finds a young woman inside wearing jeans and a wedding veil. When she comes to she does not know who she is or why she is in the car driving so fast or where she is going. She is so beautiful and Jack seems to feel deep down he must help her.
She is rushed to the hospital and even after a stay of a few weeks and getting better in the physical sense , she still doesnt have a memory of her life and at the time to leave the hospital Jack brings her home to his ranch hoping she will get her memory with rest and relaxation. Jack thinks his sisters will be helpful also, or at least this is what he tells himself, as he just has a "gut feeling" that he needs to be around this beautiful young woman.
He is also working through a part of his life with anger at himself thinking he caused his Mom to have a fall from her horse because they had words shortly before she took a fall that resulted in a head injury that put her in a coma where she lay for 6 months. He had been so angry that she couldn't or wouldn't answer his questions about an absent father...
You will love to read this story by Arlene and find out some answers as Jack meets his twin and learns to love the sister that has shown up who is his sisters twin also..two sets of twins...an absent father and Mom in a coma not able to shed any light.

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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

"Second Chance in Dry Creek" by Janet Tronstad

Second Chance in Dry CreekSecond Chance in Dry Creek by JanetTronstad

This is one of the Return to Dry Creek books where you get to learn little more about the characters that you have learned to love living there....Just like small town, America folks sometimes leave and then return "Home".

Second Chance in Dry Creek is written by Janet Tronstad

Gracie Stone has spent time in prison for a crime she didnt commit, now returned to Dry Creek to start living again. She has three sons that have always loved her, Jake-Wade & Tyler who are thinking their Mom needs a man in her life and a little match-making has been going on. She has a lovable dog named "Rusty" who is the only man she wants right now,Thank you very much...
Life will soon change though as one night as the wind howls outside she hears a car drive in and when someone knocks timidly on the door she knows in her heart something is wrong...after opening the door slowly and realizing a young woman stands there who is not familiar at all, before they can talk the young woman collapses and then Gracie sees the tell-tell bruises and knows this young woman has been abused just as she had been in her life in earlier years. there is much confusion as she calls a neighbor Calen who years ago had given her phone number to call him if she needed him-then quickly calls her son instead along with the sheriff.
There had been some robberies in the nearby town and now they find this young woman has been shot and a ski-mask used as bandage on her person. Many questions need answers....when Calen pulls up in his truck and rushes over he soon realizes this is his daughter that he has not seen in years.
Oh the plot thickens as after she is taken by ambulance to hospital and the others are starting to get in their vehicles to go they hear small noises like something in distress and realize their is a little girl in the womans car who had been asleep and now awakened..she is frightened of men and will only go to Gracie who instantly feels a special bond with this little one.
Gracie and her husband and Calen had all been special friends when they went to school together many years ago and Calen had cared for Gracie too but Buck ask her out first so he had backed off. Now Gracie felt she needed to help Calen with his granddaughter that he is just now finding out he has..
You will want to read this little Love Inspired book that has so much put into the story, abuse...crime..prison...trust and mis-trust...friends reconnecting and love. Thanks Janet for packing so much into this little book,but reminding us there are second-chances sometimes.

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Susanna's Christmas Wish by Jerry Eicher

Susanna's Christmas WishSusanna's Christmas Wish by Jerry S. Eicher

I only had one bad thing to say about this book of Jerry Eicher,
It is not long enough.....

"Susanna's Christmas Wish" by Jerry Eicher

Great story about Susanna who loved Matthew and the two planned marriage and happy ever after-well at least Susanna did. As the years went by she could see that Matthew had a restless spirit and when he talked of leaving the community she knew there would be no life for them together. Susanna loved her amish life and faith and would never think of leaving it.
After Matthew left and broke her heart she slowly went to singings again and after much time she could tell that Herman Wagler a shy young man had feelings for her and after asking many times she fianally accepted. Herman came from a home that was strict amish and didnt believe in frivolity, they beleived in work and more work living a "Good life",
She knew that they could have a good life together and ask God to help her love this young man, she made the decision to marry when he ask because she had some feelings for him and knew he cared deeply for her.
Susanna came from a large family that always gathered for holidays and knew this was problem for Herman and his family.
Read Susanna's story and learn how her faith helped her live a different life then she had first chosen for herself and how God made it a better one as time went by because of her faithfulness....

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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Series Plain City Bridesmaids book #1 "Something Old" by Dianne Christner

Something OldSomething Old by Dianne Christner

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Love is rarely Plain and Simple....

This is book by Dianne Christner of series Plain City Bridesmaids, book#1 "Something Old"

Katy Yoder is just a young girl of 10 when a little boy, Jake Byler, is always pulling her pony-tail and teasing her-she decides then -she will marry him. ahhhhh young love.
three young girls bond and become best friends that will last a lifetime-Megan, Lil and Katy -as young girls they have a dream to live together when they finish school and always to be there for one another.

Life is not all that simple though and as the years go by this young man causes much heartache when he is unsure if he wants to remain Mennonite and goes into a time of rebelling. He breaks her heart when he leaves the community and she is sure she will never be able to forgive him.
Katy settles into life after schooling is finished doing cleaning for other folks. Life is sweet when the girls rent a house that is called a Doddy house. Megan cannot move in right away so Lil and Katy have the place to themselves.
This book is about Trust and forgiveness and you will see as you read chapter after chapter that Katy has big problems with this.
Megan wants to be a missionary, Lil is cousin to Jake and tries her hand at matchmaking when Jake has a life change and comes back to the community. She believes strongly that Katy and Jake belong together.
you will want to read this book and discover waht happens for these three young girls and how Jake, after leaving his community and his religous beliefs, makes his way back....

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Monday, October 15, 2012

Lauraine Snelling's Wild West Wind series book #2 "Whispers in the Wind"

A Wild West show-a ranch in a beautiful hidden valley-two men and a woman and Gold....

Whispers in the WindWhispers in the Wind by Lauraine Snelling

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Book#2 wild west Wind series "Whispers in the Wind" by Lauraine Snelling

I have not read book #1 but still this story held my interest about the daughter of Adam Lockwood, Cassie.
Her dad had won 1/2 interest in a wild west show many years ago and pursued his interest in shooting and riding. He taught his daughter from the time she was a little girl to follow in his steps. He gave her a pony that they named Winddancer who was a very talanted horse. One could say it had a lot of "Horse-sense"...To add to the enjoyment of their shows "Othello" a little dog loved to be in the act and show off.
After her parents die and the show isnt able to support the group they disband and she along with some of the group head to a valley in South Dakota where her father, Adam and a friend Ivar had years ago started a ranch where they had found some gold that helped buy the property. The men both fell in love with Mavis who was a dear friend, you would always find the three together. When Adam won the show I believe he left knowing there would be trouble down the road between the three if something didn't change....after his leaving Ivar and Mavis married and had two sons and a daughter.
Life was changing once again as Cassie came to the valley with her father's deed to his 1/2 of the ranch. Mavis was happy to see the girl and help her learn their ways but the boys who had never heard of Adam before and how their father had only owned 1/2 the ranch now had to come to terms with this fiesty woman from a wild west show in their midst.
This is a wonderful story and you will enjoy is as I did.
Cassie has much to learn and the boys Ransome&Lucas realizing the ranch is not theirs alone have to change their way of thinking too. I think Lauraine has a wonderful way of finding the heart of the story and moving it forward..Will Cassie be able to build a home on the Bar E Ranch and fulfill her dreams of raising horses or will she be forced to return to her life of the past, doing Wild West Shows.

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Friday, October 12, 2012

A Season for Tending from series Amish Vines and Orchards by Cindy Woodsmall

A Season for TendingA Season for Tending by Cindy Woodsmall

Cindy Woodsmall has written many stories of the amish-she writes from the heart and we are drawn into the pages turning faster and faster to "feel" all the emotions of the characters, I esp. liked this new series Amish Vines and Orchards. Book #1 is "A Season for Tending"

Rhoda is the main character and she is effectionately known as "Rhoads" she loves the outdoors and her garden of herbs and vines with lush berries. She has an unusual gift that lets her grow with great success. She has another gift that lets her "Feel" things about people such as they might be in danger and her wanting to help these folks have many in the community thinking she is a witch or something worse.
Leah is a young girl with many questions in her mind and feeling she doesnt belong in her community. She stretches her boundries by reaching out to the english side and one night when things go awry she stays in the garden of Roda Byler and the two meet the next morning. Rhoda feels for Leah and wants to help her-on this day she meets Leah's brother Samuel when he comes to get his sister. It is a brief meeting yet they communicate on a level where Rhoda is worker in her gardens and Samuel has Apple Orchard that he is working with his family.
Samuel&Rhoda have much in common in their seasons of growing, yet they clash as Rhoda is so independent for a woman and likes to do things her way. She speaks her mind when maybe she should be a little quiter and listen more.
When the Apple orchards needs help Samuel thinks of Rhoda and soon between them grows a partnership to combine her canning abilities to his orchards. You will want to read this story and learn how they each must learn to give and take in their relationship.
Many characters abound in the book to fill your heart as they grow through day to day living. Samuel has a brother Jacob, Rhoda has a special friend named Landon who helps her in her gardens. Samuel has longtime relationship with Catherine who he plans to marry or will he..
she fights anything that takes Samuel's feelings for her away and his orchards consumes his being. you will be ready for book #2 as I am when the end appears.

Thanks to WaterBrook-Multnomah Publishing for this free book to read and review...

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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Echo in the Darkness-book #2, Mark of the lion series by Francine Rivers

An Echo in the Darkness (Mark of the Lion, #2)An Echo in the Darkness by Francine Rivers

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

An Echo in the Darkness-book#2 (Mark of the Lion-series) by Francine Rivers

An Echo in the Darkness: Turning away from the opulence of Rome, Marcus is led by a whispering voice from the past into a journey that could set him free from the darkness of his soul.
Alexander Democedes Amandinus is a young Doctor and he uses the ones from the arena that are not quite dead to further his knowlege of the anatomy. When he see Haddassah still lives after the lion attack, he takes her for his work but then finds she can be healed so he helps her. She stays with him and helps him in his work afterwards. She is now disfigured and wears veils to hide and they change her name. She is in lots of pain but her beautiful spirit never falters-her faith is strong and others can see God shining through her.
She and Alexander go to the steps of the temple and save others so he may work on them and she picks one such arab named Rashid who becomes her protector after he is healed.
Many people come to Alexander and now his helper Haddassah-to be healed.
This book will tell of Marcus journey to Palestine when he cannot forget Hadassah whom he thought had died, he now wants to find her God and ask questions. He finds many people along the way that helps him and he finally finds the Lord and opens his heart..but while he is gone,His Mother has a stroke and is paralized and becomes a prisoner in her body not able to move or speak. His sister Julia after living a life of pure pleasure and forsaking all rules finds she is left alone almost to the point of being desitute. She is dying when Hadassah chooses to go back to her and help her. All her life Hadassah has told her stories and tried to lead her to the Lord but she never really listened or did she...
Francine does a wonderful job on this book and we will see many changes in the lives of Hadassah-Marcus-Julia and thier Mother. Julia falls in love with a gladiator and we will see his story in the next book ..Atretes.

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Monday, October 1, 2012

Mark of the Lion series-book #1 "Voice in the Wind" by Francine Rivers

A Voice in the Wind (Mark of the Lion, #1)A Voice in the Wind by Francine Rivers

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

One Christian series that you dont want to miss reading by the author Francine Rivers -"Mark of the Lion" book #1 Voice in the Wind.

We will go back hundreds of years to the times of Jerusalem-Germania-Rome and Ephesus....
This is the story of some amazing characters Hadassah, a young girl with a giant faith- Atretes, a young man who became a slave and made into a victorius gladiator-Marcus and his sister Julia, each of their lives changed because of their choices through their lives.

I found this book hard to read at first with so much detail of wars and the battlefields. I continued reading and to my delight became caught up in the story of these characters as they made their choices and moved through their lives.
Julia was a beautiful young woman who was bent on receiving all the pleasures one can get in life, she was given to an old man as a bride while still a young girl. Within a year Her husband had died and she returned home. She was determined to have her freedom and when she met a young man and became ennamored by his charm, Her father decided she should have her wish and Marry him.
We will see as we read that Hadassah's faith and courage effected many lives as she was the slave given to Julia and went about giving of herself to everyone she came into contact with.
The games that were held in arena's in those days were for the enjoyment of the Masses, lusting on Blood of gladiators and christians thrown to the lions...shocking .
Marcus is a smart young man but he cannot accept the God that Hadassah believes so strongly in, yet he falls in love with her beautiful soul. She cannot accept him -though she falls in love with him too-because he is an unbeliever.. I wanted this couple to be together and live happy ever after but it did not happen in this book and you will be shocked by Julia's downfall and how she and Hadassah part by the end of the story...
I was given this book to read and review by Tyndale Publishing..
I hope you will take time to read prayerfully and get to know the characters as I have done and learn how Faith can sustain you when all else about you is falling apart.