Monday, October 1, 2012

Mark of the Lion series-book #1 "Voice in the Wind" by Francine Rivers

A Voice in the Wind (Mark of the Lion, #1)A Voice in the Wind by Francine Rivers

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

One Christian series that you dont want to miss reading by the author Francine Rivers -"Mark of the Lion" book #1 Voice in the Wind.

We will go back hundreds of years to the times of Jerusalem-Germania-Rome and Ephesus....
This is the story of some amazing characters Hadassah, a young girl with a giant faith- Atretes, a young man who became a slave and made into a victorius gladiator-Marcus and his sister Julia, each of their lives changed because of their choices through their lives.

I found this book hard to read at first with so much detail of wars and the battlefields. I continued reading and to my delight became caught up in the story of these characters as they made their choices and moved through their lives.
Julia was a beautiful young woman who was bent on receiving all the pleasures one can get in life, she was given to an old man as a bride while still a young girl. Within a year Her husband had died and she returned home. She was determined to have her freedom and when she met a young man and became ennamored by his charm, Her father decided she should have her wish and Marry him.
We will see as we read that Hadassah's faith and courage effected many lives as she was the slave given to Julia and went about giving of herself to everyone she came into contact with.
The games that were held in arena's in those days were for the enjoyment of the Masses, lusting on Blood of gladiators and christians thrown to the lions...shocking .
Marcus is a smart young man but he cannot accept the God that Hadassah believes so strongly in, yet he falls in love with her beautiful soul. She cannot accept him -though she falls in love with him too-because he is an unbeliever.. I wanted this couple to be together and live happy ever after but it did not happen in this book and you will be shocked by Julia's downfall and how she and Hadassah part by the end of the story...
I was given this book to read and review by Tyndale Publishing..
I hope you will take time to read prayerfully and get to know the characters as I have done and learn how Faith can sustain you when all else about you is falling apart.


  1. I thought this book as well as the entire series was amazing! I see you agree ;)


  2. Hands down, this is the best Christian Fiction book I have ever read! My absolute favorite. The whole series is so gripping. When you've finished with all the books, if you haven't already read Roseanna White's A Stray Drop of Blood, you should grab a copy. It's right next to this one in it's intensity and excellence!

    I appreciate the time you took to come by my blog and leaving a comment.

    Enjoy the weekend ~ Anne