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Echo in the Darkness-book #2, Mark of the lion series by Francine Rivers

An Echo in the Darkness (Mark of the Lion, #2)An Echo in the Darkness by Francine Rivers

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An Echo in the Darkness-book#2 (Mark of the Lion-series) by Francine Rivers

An Echo in the Darkness: Turning away from the opulence of Rome, Marcus is led by a whispering voice from the past into a journey that could set him free from the darkness of his soul.
Alexander Democedes Amandinus is a young Doctor and he uses the ones from the arena that are not quite dead to further his knowlege of the anatomy. When he see Haddassah still lives after the lion attack, he takes her for his work but then finds she can be healed so he helps her. She stays with him and helps him in his work afterwards. She is now disfigured and wears veils to hide and they change her name. She is in lots of pain but her beautiful spirit never falters-her faith is strong and others can see God shining through her.
She and Alexander go to the steps of the temple and save others so he may work on them and she picks one such arab named Rashid who becomes her protector after he is healed.
Many people come to Alexander and now his helper Haddassah-to be healed.
This book will tell of Marcus journey to Palestine when he cannot forget Hadassah whom he thought had died, he now wants to find her God and ask questions. He finds many people along the way that helps him and he finally finds the Lord and opens his heart..but while he is gone,His Mother has a stroke and is paralized and becomes a prisoner in her body not able to move or speak. His sister Julia after living a life of pure pleasure and forsaking all rules finds she is left alone almost to the point of being desitute. She is dying when Hadassah chooses to go back to her and help her. All her life Hadassah has told her stories and tried to lead her to the Lord but she never really listened or did she...
Francine does a wonderful job on this book and we will see many changes in the lives of Hadassah-Marcus-Julia and thier Mother. Julia falls in love with a gladiator and we will see his story in the next book ..Atretes.

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