Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Susanna's Christmas Wish by Jerry Eicher

Susanna's Christmas WishSusanna's Christmas Wish by Jerry S. Eicher

I only had one bad thing to say about this book of Jerry Eicher,
It is not long enough.....

"Susanna's Christmas Wish" by Jerry Eicher

Great story about Susanna who loved Matthew and the two planned marriage and happy ever after-well at least Susanna did. As the years went by she could see that Matthew had a restless spirit and when he talked of leaving the community she knew there would be no life for them together. Susanna loved her amish life and faith and would never think of leaving it.
After Matthew left and broke her heart she slowly went to singings again and after much time she could tell that Herman Wagler a shy young man had feelings for her and after asking many times she fianally accepted. Herman came from a home that was strict amish and didnt believe in frivolity, they beleived in work and more work living a "Good life",
She knew that they could have a good life together and ask God to help her love this young man, she made the decision to marry when he ask because she had some feelings for him and knew he cared deeply for her.
Susanna came from a large family that always gathered for holidays and knew this was problem for Herman and his family.
Read Susanna's story and learn how her faith helped her live a different life then she had first chosen for herself and how God made it a better one as time went by because of her faithfulness....

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