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Love Inspired Texas Twins series by Jillian Hart "Reunited for the Holidays"

Reunited for the HolidaysReunited for the Holidays by Jillian Hart

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Love Inspired Texas Twins series by Jillian Hart "Reunited for the Holidays"

this is the second book I have read recently of this series and it by another author yet the story moves along with the folks I have met in Arlene James book continuing their story.. questions in that book are answered in this one, thanks Arlene and Jillian for a wonderful story of this family...

Twenty five years ago Brian Wallace and Belle Colby had been married, just young kids having kids and have them they did -two sets of twins. two little boys-two little girls, then the family was torn apart and each took a boy and a girl -going their seperate ways-never to see one another again. This had been the plan.

Brian became a medical dr and gave his services to others, after one mission he returns to find his family reunited, He has always loved Bell though he had remarried and had a son with her. She had been a wonderful mother to his children and life had been good. He lost her several years before he returned and found that the twins had found one another and his Belle had been in a coma for 6 months now going through rehabilitation.
Jillian gives answers to why the family broke up and what happens as this family is reunited once again. Happiness reigns when the girls meet men they want to marry and Jack fell in love with the girl that had no memory -which by the way did return. His brother (Identical twin brother) and he were learning about one another. Grayson has a finace when he comes to meet Jack. Two girls and two boys now all grown up with mates chosen for their lives, now "Hope" there will be a way for their Mom and Dad to reunite after all this time has passed and each has made their own way in life.
Brian is a well to do doctor and Belle is the head of a ranch that is well known. Can these two find their way back to the young love they once knew after so much time apart.
I am so thankful that I received this second book from Jillian just as I finished reading the first one by Arlene, it was not planned-just happened.
Come and read and enjoy this series "Texas Twins", talk about double your pleasure-double your fun, we have here double-double.

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