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Lauraine Snelling's Wild West Wind series book #2 "Whispers in the Wind"

A Wild West show-a ranch in a beautiful hidden valley-two men and a woman and Gold....

Whispers in the WindWhispers in the Wind by Lauraine Snelling

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Book#2 wild west Wind series "Whispers in the Wind" by Lauraine Snelling

I have not read book #1 but still this story held my interest about the daughter of Adam Lockwood, Cassie.
Her dad had won 1/2 interest in a wild west show many years ago and pursued his interest in shooting and riding. He taught his daughter from the time she was a little girl to follow in his steps. He gave her a pony that they named Winddancer who was a very talanted horse. One could say it had a lot of "Horse-sense"...To add to the enjoyment of their shows "Othello" a little dog loved to be in the act and show off.
After her parents die and the show isnt able to support the group they disband and she along with some of the group head to a valley in South Dakota where her father, Adam and a friend Ivar had years ago started a ranch where they had found some gold that helped buy the property. The men both fell in love with Mavis who was a dear friend, you would always find the three together. When Adam won the show I believe he left knowing there would be trouble down the road between the three if something didn't change....after his leaving Ivar and Mavis married and had two sons and a daughter.
Life was changing once again as Cassie came to the valley with her father's deed to his 1/2 of the ranch. Mavis was happy to see the girl and help her learn their ways but the boys who had never heard of Adam before and how their father had only owned 1/2 the ranch now had to come to terms with this fiesty woman from a wild west show in their midst.
This is a wonderful story and you will enjoy is as I did.
Cassie has much to learn and the boys Ransome&Lucas realizing the ranch is not theirs alone have to change their way of thinking too. I think Lauraine has a wonderful way of finding the heart of the story and moving it forward..Will Cassie be able to build a home on the Bar E Ranch and fulfill her dreams of raising horses or will she be forced to return to her life of the past, doing Wild West Shows.

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