Wednesday, October 24, 2012

"Second Chance in Dry Creek" by Janet Tronstad

Second Chance in Dry CreekSecond Chance in Dry Creek by JanetTronstad

This is one of the Return to Dry Creek books where you get to learn little more about the characters that you have learned to love living there....Just like small town, America folks sometimes leave and then return "Home".

Second Chance in Dry Creek is written by Janet Tronstad

Gracie Stone has spent time in prison for a crime she didnt commit, now returned to Dry Creek to start living again. She has three sons that have always loved her, Jake-Wade & Tyler who are thinking their Mom needs a man in her life and a little match-making has been going on. She has a lovable dog named "Rusty" who is the only man she wants right now,Thank you very much...
Life will soon change though as one night as the wind howls outside she hears a car drive in and when someone knocks timidly on the door she knows in her heart something is wrong...after opening the door slowly and realizing a young woman stands there who is not familiar at all, before they can talk the young woman collapses and then Gracie sees the tell-tell bruises and knows this young woman has been abused just as she had been in her life in earlier years. there is much confusion as she calls a neighbor Calen who years ago had given her phone number to call him if she needed him-then quickly calls her son instead along with the sheriff.
There had been some robberies in the nearby town and now they find this young woman has been shot and a ski-mask used as bandage on her person. Many questions need answers....when Calen pulls up in his truck and rushes over he soon realizes this is his daughter that he has not seen in years.
Oh the plot thickens as after she is taken by ambulance to hospital and the others are starting to get in their vehicles to go they hear small noises like something in distress and realize their is a little girl in the womans car who had been asleep and now awakened..she is frightened of men and will only go to Gracie who instantly feels a special bond with this little one.
Gracie and her husband and Calen had all been special friends when they went to school together many years ago and Calen had cared for Gracie too but Buck ask her out first so he had backed off. Now Gracie felt she needed to help Calen with his granddaughter that he is just now finding out he has..
You will want to read this little Love Inspired book that has so much put into the story, and mis-trust...friends reconnecting and love. Thanks Janet for packing so much into this little book,but reminding us there are second-chances sometimes.

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