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Love Inspired Texas Twins series by Arlene James "Carbon Copy Cowboy"

Carbon Copy Cowboy (Texas Twins, #3)Carbon Copy Cowboy by Arlene James

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Love inspired Texas Twins series by Arlene James "Carbon Copy Cowboy"

Jack Colby is riding his ranch deep in thought because he has learned recently that he has a twin brother (an identical one) that he never knew existed. this news was on top of his sister meeting a young woman who they now knew was her twin sister. So many changes and so many questions with no answers...
It is at this moment he sees a little red car driving so fast towards a bad curve in the road and he prays for the person inside, please slow down you will never make that curve in the road-he then races his horse over the land towards the highway hoping he can get there in time to help. He finds a young woman inside wearing jeans and a wedding veil. When she comes to she does not know who she is or why she is in the car driving so fast or where she is going. She is so beautiful and Jack seems to feel deep down he must help her.
She is rushed to the hospital and even after a stay of a few weeks and getting better in the physical sense , she still doesnt have a memory of her life and at the time to leave the hospital Jack brings her home to his ranch hoping she will get her memory with rest and relaxation. Jack thinks his sisters will be helpful also, or at least this is what he tells himself, as he just has a "gut feeling" that he needs to be around this beautiful young woman.
He is also working through a part of his life with anger at himself thinking he caused his Mom to have a fall from her horse because they had words shortly before she took a fall that resulted in a head injury that put her in a coma where she lay for 6 months. He had been so angry that she couldn't or wouldn't answer his questions about an absent father...
You will love to read this story by Arlene and find out some answers as Jack meets his twin and learns to love the sister that has shown up who is his sisters twin also..two sets of twins...an absent father and Mom in a coma not able to shed any light.

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