Friday, April 25, 2014

When the Clouds Roll By (Till We Meet Again #1)When the Clouds Roll By by Myra Johnson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Series -Till We Meet Again book #1 "When the Clouds Roll By" by Myra Johnson

Annemarie and Gilbert were childhood friends and everyone just knew they were destined to marry and live happy ever after but..sometimes this is not the case and when Gilbert came home from the war minus a leg and with other things messing up his mind of the wartimes, He felt less a man and broke off his engagement with Annemarie.  She was heartbroken but felt he needed time which she would give him.
Sam had been in war too and met Gilbert coming home on the ship, Sam is a clergy with the army who has lost his faith yet he keeps on helping others thinking this will help him find his again.  He too has war memories that eat at his soul.
Sam and Annemarie become friends while she works at her pottery and he with the men at the hospital where Gilbert is.
This is a must read for folks that like to feel the emotions that are running throughout the story.  You will smile some and cry some for these brave men who went to war and of the women waiting at home.

I know I will look forward to books 2&3 following up with these characters that I have come to love.

Will Gilbert and Annmarie find their ways back together or have they lost what was not tended when Gilbert gave up?  He depends on the help of a nurse,Mary who has fallen in love with him.  Is he using her when he feels he cannot go to Annemarie?
many questions that need answered and reading this series will clear them all up.

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Monday, April 21, 2014

"A Promise in Pieces" by Emily T Wierenga

This is Clara's story and of a small baby quilt made by a woman that she did not even know till after the war. The war that changed everything for Clara.
Clara was a simple girl growing up as only child with a daddy that was a preacher and her Mama was a little forgetful.
Clara and a girlfriend wanted to join the army as nurses to help during wartimes, so not telling her folks they just went and signed up one day and when time came to leave she just left, climbing out a window in the middle of night. Clara had been named after Clara Barton so she just knew this was the right thing to do.
she didn't know but when she left she broke her mama's heart and her mama never spoke another word and sort of became a shell of the woman that had been. 
Clara met a dying soldier and he asked her to write a letter to his wife and then asked that she deliver it personally to "His Mattie", Clara promised never knowing she and Mattie would become close friends and the quilt that Mattie had made would become so important in both their lives and many families over the years. 
But that is a story you will want to read and feel all the love that comes from the babies families as Clara helps them be birthed.
I loved reading this story -a first by this author - but she writes a great story and I will read more of her....

thanks to for this book to read and review.... 

Friday, April 11, 2014

~I am in Love~

                                          Tricia has written a series about men-women-bridges and kissing

      What a wonderful combination that makes you want to read every book in the series and there are many.  I must tell you the story of a bridge that we traveled over in my was special to me because Daddy always stopped at the store just before the bridge and we all got ice cream...then on to aunt and uncles house to visit with the cousins.  they lived on a farm and we had so much fun together.
I have not had too many kissed in my lifetime and I am now a senior with only memories.  my first boyfriend and that special first kiss is the one that I remember and always wonder what would have happened if we had kept seeing one another and married.  Life would have been so different from one I have lived and also would not have moved to a state where I had no family and have always missed my family so much.
but back to this author and her books.  I love to read amish stories and she writes the best so get out your reading glasses and peek into the first in the series and see if you don't want to read them all just like I do.
Thanks Tricia for being a storyteller.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

A Shining Light (Home to Amana #3)A Shining Light by Judith McCoy Miller
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Home to Amana series by Judith Miller "A Shining Light"

This author puts a lot of research into writing her books and it shows...I like picking up a book to read and knowing it will have this research making the places come right to mind and I can see myself walking the area the characters have walked.
Andrea Wilson gets news that her husband is lost at sea and she must make choices so that she and her little boy can survive.  Her father lives on a farm in Iowa and she decides they will move back and Lukas will get to meet his grandfather.
Upon arrival though they find out the farm burned and that grandfather was gone..nothing was left.
A kind man from the Amana colonies invited them to stay with them until they knew what they could do.  This was a life so different from the way they had lived but they became used to the routine and the love of the people here helped shore up their faith that had been neglected.
Dirk Knefler lives in the colonies and takes Lukas under his wing so to speak and the boy flourishes from the attention.  He has an attraction to Andrea also but knows they must not get too close while she is grieving the loss of her husband.
How would you feel if you were left all alone with the responsibility of a child and no monies or family to help out?
The kind people of Amana gives this small family a guiding light to light their path but what next happens will rip a tear into that fabric and cause much and enjoy this wonderful story as I did.

This book from Bethany publishing to read and review thank you so much.

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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Marshal's Ready-Made FamilyThe Marshal's Ready-Made Family by Sherri Shackelford
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Sherri Shackleford writes "The Marshal's Ready-Made Family

Garrett Cain has a problem, His sister has died and left him gardian of a beautiful little girl,now Cora is not the problem exactly but some folks think a lawman living over top the jail is just not what a little girl needs.  A cousin wants to get her so he can have the estate that goes with her but once Garrett met Cora he fell in love and doesn't want to lose her.  He is even willing to think about marriage so she will have a home.
Jo Beth lives in town and works the telegraph, she has a bunch of brothers and has always been more boy then girl as she grew up, shucks she had to be to survive.  Jo Beth tells it like it is and doesn't hide her feelings.  when she sees the problems Garrett has she ask him  to marry her...just to help out you know.

Read this story and enjoy a different take on a marriage of convenience.
Thanks Sherri for a story that kept me smiling and hoping for the best for these two all way through.

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