Friday, April 25, 2014

When the Clouds Roll By (Till We Meet Again #1)When the Clouds Roll By by Myra Johnson
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Series -Till We Meet Again book #1 "When the Clouds Roll By" by Myra Johnson

Annemarie and Gilbert were childhood friends and everyone just knew they were destined to marry and live happy ever after but..sometimes this is not the case and when Gilbert came home from the war minus a leg and with other things messing up his mind of the wartimes, He felt less a man and broke off his engagement with Annemarie.  She was heartbroken but felt he needed time which she would give him.
Sam had been in war too and met Gilbert coming home on the ship, Sam is a clergy with the army who has lost his faith yet he keeps on helping others thinking this will help him find his again.  He too has war memories that eat at his soul.
Sam and Annemarie become friends while she works at her pottery and he with the men at the hospital where Gilbert is.
This is a must read for folks that like to feel the emotions that are running throughout the story.  You will smile some and cry some for these brave men who went to war and of the women waiting at home.

I know I will look forward to books 2&3 following up with these characters that I have come to love.

Will Gilbert and Annmarie find their ways back together or have they lost what was not tended when Gilbert gave up?  He depends on the help of a nurse,Mary who has fallen in love with him.  Is he using her when he feels he cannot go to Annemarie?
many questions that need answered and reading this series will clear them all up.

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