Sunday, May 4, 2014

The Last Bride (Home to Hickory Hollow, #5)The Last Bride by Beverly  Lewis
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"The Last Bride" is the last book in the series Home to Hickory Hollow by Beverly Lewis...

I have not read the whole series but have enjoyed the ones I did.  I feel Beverly really put her all into this last book just as she has done on each one in the series.
Tessie Miller is the last of the girls to marry and she has her heart set on Marcus King..but.. her daid does not want her to marry this man and won't explain why.
Tessie and Marcus try so many times to change his mind and are perplexed as to why he is so adamant about them not marrying.  They feel in their heart of hearts that they have a true love and without others knowing they go into the english world one day and get married by a judge hoping they can eventually change the familys minds.  They continue to live apart seeing one another without being seen together...the community and the family assume they have broke up.
A tragedy brings the couple to the forefront of the community and many believe they know what happened but it takes Gods Grace and the faithfulness of the people to finally open their eyes and see the real truth behind it all.
Do you think they disobeyed their parents and their faith by doing this?  I had such mixed feeling while reading this book and I know you will want to read the story and find out the ending for Marcus and Tessie as I did.

I received this book from Bethany publishers for an honest review.
thanks for the opportunity to read this last in the series.  I read this in one day as I could not leave this story.

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