Saturday, February 25, 2012

Deep in the Heart by Staci Stallings

Staci Stallings has a new book called "Deep in the Heart", she has sent me this book by pdf file to review and I do so proudly. What a wonderful story of Maggie Montgomery, a young woman who has had a journey that left her an orphan at the age of 8 when her parents were killed in car accident. She spent many years in foster homes till finally finding a wonderful woman that would love her and teach her about God and the life she could have through him. Keith was a troubled young man who came from a wealthy family, he had everything but the one thing he truly needed in his life. He and his father did not get along and his life had been changed when he lost his mother in a car accident at the age of 12. Keith grew up feeling lonely and lost. He got into lots of trouble as a young man but the one thing that helped him stay sane was his love for the racehorses they raised on their ranch. Many changes happened in these two peoples lives when Maggie came to the Ayers ranch looking for work as nanny to two young children. Maggie and Keith met and became friends at a time when they both needed someone. You will love to read this story and find out how these changes help both of them find Love in their lives. I liked the way Staci wove the scriptures and the true meaning of life into this story. We all have a hole that needs filling and I hope you are able to find the living waters for your life.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Novella by Mary Ellis- "Sarah's Christmas Miracle"

Sarah's Christmas MiracleSarah's Christmas Miracle by Mary Ellis
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This is one of Mary Ellis Christmas novella, "Sarah's Christmas Miracle".

Mary packed a lot into this little book, Sarah is happy with her life, she has a long time beau - works in English B&B where she cooks and cleans.

Adam, the beau, sometimes wonders if Sarah truly loves him as she seems content to wait for marriage. She has not taken vows to the church which needs to be done before the amish wed and then there is certain time of year that they do it also so work will be slower and allow them a little time.

Sarah had a brother that left his home on construction job and never returned, now it is 5 yrs later and Sarah wonders what he is doing,how he is living and what changes have been made as he lives like one of the "English". She worries about it to the extent that she plans a way to find out his address and a visit to him.
When Sarah did visit her brother and saw he lived in dire straits as he was unemployed, she thought more of her life and how it was sort of in limbo and that she should make some changes and live life as she was meant to do as a wife- mother and helping in the community. Sarah came back home with a different attitude and Adam saw this when they were together again.
The Christmas miracle came about when Caleb visited a church and accepted that he needed his home and god in his life. He finally accepted that we are all sinners and God wants us to come home and live for him, I thought of the prodigal son when I read about Caleb.

This is a Plain and loving story of Hope and redemption, a welcome read at Christmastime and any other.....

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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Jerry S Eicher's Little Valley Series- book #1"A Wedding Quilt For Ella"

A Wedding Quilt for Ella (Little Valley, #1)A Wedding Quilt for Ella by Jerry S. Eicher
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

First time I have read Jerry Eicher,s amish stories, Book #1 of Little Valley series "A Wedding Quilt for Ella"..
This story had so much sadness to it but still told a good story of Ella and how she learns to deal with grief.
almost from the beginning she loses her special friend Aden when he dies suddenly. Before she has learned to cope with this death another in the community loses his girl that was soon to be his wife.
A brother has a terrible barnyard accident and miracle when he survives.
Many young people in the comunity, have talk of seeing 3 angels in the sky and just know there will be three deaths to follow...
Aden had many plans for his life with Ella and saved money for a house to be built, after his death his brother wants Ella to have the house even though they had not married and both his and her families soon agree this should be, Daniel the brother of Aden soon starts the house and Ella goes many times to "help" the men working on it, I think she and Daniel become closer because of their shared grief and the working together.
another wrinkle in the fabric comes when a young bishop ask that Ella think of becoming his bride and they agree upon a 6 month period to let her get over her grief, she is sure at the moment, she will never marry again.
She is working on the quilt that she had begun for her wedding after her sister draws picture of a house that Ella feels drawn to make the centerpiece of the quilt.
Can Ella find healing through a house...a quilt...a community?

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Saturday, February 18, 2012

JoAnna Weaver's 3rd book in Bethany triolgy "Lazarus Awakening"

Lazarus Awakening: Finding Your Place in the Heart of GodLazarus Awakening: Finding Your Place in the Heart of God by Joanna Weaver
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

JoAnna Weaver's 3rd book, "Lazarus Awakening".

I did not read the first two books in her Bethany triolgy-one of Martha and the other of Mary-the sisters of Lazarus. Still you can read this one by itself and get a lot of insight from JoAnna.

There is not much told in the Bible about Lazarus, he was a brother and he was loved by Jesus and he Died and was brought back to life after 4 days in his tomb. Only a little but a LOT. Read the verses and refresh your mind about this man in John chapter 11.

JoAnna wants us to realize I think that Jesus loves YOU, we may think of him loving everyone else but when it comes to ourselves we sometimes wonder. Why is that?

JoAnna says that for many of us "Moving the truth of God's Love from our heads to our hearts is a lifetime process".

There are Bible references and study guides in this book making it a good one for a Bible study group.

We are truly Blessed having a father in Heaven that loves us so much and wants us to draw closer to him, this book helped me in my journey through life and it will help you if you will open your heart.

Thanks to WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for giving me this book for an honest review.

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Monday, February 13, 2012

Series of Montana Marriages by Mary Connealy - book #3 "Wildflower Bride"

Wildflower Bride (Montana Marriages, #3)Wildflower Bride by Mary Connealy
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Montana Marriages series by Mary Connealy book #3 "Wildflower Bride"

I really like this series and book #3 did not disappoint me, this was the story of Wade Sawyer who had always been a disappointment to his father, he just could do nothing right according to the man. He grew up being abused and feeling little love on a ranch after his mother died, with his father and lot of cowhands. Wade always dreamed of having courage and strength but knew little of how to get it. He went from bad to worse when he started drinking and stalking Cassie whom he thought he loved. He finally met Red and made some changes in his life that led him to finding the Lord and living a different life. He left the ranch and his father and lit out on his own. It was on this journey that he met "Glowing Sun".

Glowing Sun was a beautiful young white woman that had been found by indians after her folks died and she was left alone at the tender age of 12. They took her to live with them and raised her with their families. She had almost forgot all about her white heritage by the time she met Wade. The chiefs son wanted to marry her and her life was moving forward in the indian village. She carried a knife and was very very good at pulling it when she needed to.

Wade saved her from couple men who had taken her from her village and then when she didnt want to go back to the white world, Wade took her home to her village. He wanted to find a way for them to be together so he stayed in the wilds himself - reading Bible and coming closer to the God who would give him strength.

After much time Wade awoke to gunfire and knew it came from the indian village so he rode hard and fast to get there to help, upon arriving, he found Glowing Sun was being abducted and he was able to save her once again. This time she went with him to the white world. Wade had word that his father was dying and wanted him home, so because of his faith and knowing he should honor his parents , wade took glowing sun and returned home to help.

This time Glowing Sun had realized her white name had been "Abby" so she left the indian village - after her family there had been killed and would try to live as white woman "Abby". There is much mystery in this story as the men who killed the indians were some mean bad guys who terrorized the little town near Wade's ranch. There was talk of rustlers and murders and Wade and his friends Red and Silas became involved in sorting out all of this mayhem. I enjoyed reading of Silas & Belle, Red & Cassie, Wade & Abby in these 3 books.

Wade and Abby never thought they would ever marry but now we can read the story of how Wade made Abby his Wildflower Bride..

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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Book #2 "The Husband Tree", Mary Connealy's series Montana Marriages

The Husband Tree (Montana Marriages, #2)The Husband Tree by Mary Connealy
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Book #2 "The Husband Tree" in Mary Connealy's series Montana Marriages
This was a great story of a feisty woman who had married and buried three husbands, you will be tickled when you find out what the Husband tree is-I liked this cute idea in a book.
Belle had never been treated well from any of the husbands and had a great mistrust of men by the time she met Silas.
Silas had been raised in a home of women and was fed up being around women professes to never marry and then he meets Belle.
The only good thing Belle believes that came from here marriages were four beautiful girls, each looking like their pa's. Belle taught them that men were "no-good" and they should stay single and learn to take care of themselves in this world as she did.
Silas signs on with Belle for a cattle drive of 1000 mean animals on a journey that will take a month on a dangerous trail to Helena. He doesnt realize at first there will be only Belle and her girls that will work this drive. Along the way they end up with more men to help and one of Belle's daughters soon loses her heart to a young man and by end of drive has decided to marry and stay near Helena with him and his father.
Silas finds many things to admire about Belle and soon the two of them are rethinking there thoughts about marriage and maybe just maybe they could share their lives and find happiness, do you think this wild woman can be tamed by a man who once thought he didnt want to be around women who is now thinking Belle and her girls look pretty good and entertaining thoughts of marriage?
I enjoyed this story and look forward to book #3.

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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Montana Marriages series by Mary Connealy - #1 Montana Rose

Montana RoseMontana Rose by Mary Connealy
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is a wonderful series Montana Marriages by Mary Connealy, first book is "Montana Rose", This is the story of Cassie. She has been mistreated and lived with a gaurdian after her folks died. Griff was an older man that misused her estate and then married her and made her into the kind of wife he wanted-"very submissive".
When Griff dies Cassie is with child and devastated because this has been her life such a long time and she knows no other.
A woman cannot live alone in this wild country and most marry soon but within a day Cassie was widowed and wedded the next, you wont want to miss this story of Red Dawson marrying a woman he does not want to because he thinks she is a non-believer. Red Loves the lord and wants to live as he should but knows no one else will treat Cassie to a good life as he wants to.
Red lives in a soddy and Cassie is used to a huge home with outfits of silks and satins, how are these two going to get along in married life? Life will change for him and her that is for sure.
The town calls her a China Doll, thinking she is nothing but a spoiled little girl that Griff brought back to his country. He treated her Royally in public but.....
I really enjoyed reading how Red and Cassie come to know one another better and make a marriage from this rude beginning.

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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

LIS by Margaret Daley "Hidden in the Everglades"

Hidden in the EvergladesHidden in the Everglades by Margaret Daley
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is a LIS by Margaret Daley called "Hidden in the Everglades".
Kyra is on vacation in Florida where she grew up from her business of "Bodyguarding", almost instantly she is involved in suspense that surrounds her and someone she knew and had more then little interest in when she was growing up. His sister gets entangled in sinister dealings and is running and hiding from "bad guys with big guns".
Michael ask Kyra's help in finding his sister and before you know it there are dead bodies and lot of sluething going on in sunny florida.
Thank you Margaret for a book that holds your interest and keeps you turning the pages to find out what will happen next. Loved this story.

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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Mindy Starns Clark&Leslie Gould -Women of Lancaster County- "The Amish Midwife"

The Amish Midwife (The Women of Lancaster County, #1)The Amish Midwife by Mindy Starns Clark
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

My first to read story by Mindy Starns Clark & Leslie Gould called "The Amish Midwife" in The Women of Lancaster County books.
I really liked the mystery involved in this story, Alexandra knew she had been adopted but never learned the story behind it until she was grown and her adoptive parents were both deceased and she was told of a beautiful carved box with papers and 2 locks of hair inside upon her dads deathbed. The paperwork involved property in Switzerland. "Lexie" has always had thoughts of finding her biological parents and family so she embarks on this journey after her dads death.
Folks in Pennsylvania were not happy to see her and didn't want to answer any of her questions. You will like the folks that Lexie meets and becomes close to as she fights for every little crumb about her past. As this story unfolds there are many secrets that come to life. Marta is an Amish Midwife and comes under suspicion of wrong doing when one of her patients and child dies unexpectedly. Alexandra tells her she will help her if she is forthcoming with some answers about her past. Reluctantly she accepts her help.
This is a little different type story of the amish country but one you will be glad you picked up to read, I know I was.

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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Out of Control -first book in series of Mary Connealy's "The Kincaid Brides"

Out of Control (The Kincaid Brides, #1)Out of Control by Mary Connealy
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book is first in the series- The Kincaid Brides, by Mary Connealy, "Out of Control" book #1 tells the story of Rafe Kincaid.
Rafe is a man who likes to be in control and it bothers him when things go helter-skelter in his life, as it is apt to do after he meets Julia who seems to be his exact opposite.
This woman has been on her own a lot since her mother died and her father moved a lot and usually got a ramshackle place far from town and kept her there while he worked in town for the week, coming home on weekends. Julia's father was a bully and not a well liked person. He had a questionable history. He married a young woman and this is the first time that Julia has a friend and feels like her life might be better, the wife has a baby and another on the way soon after the marriage and Julia spends lot of time helping this frail young woman. There seems to be no Love between her father and his new wife, this confuses Julia but she accepts it. Julia had much time to herself before Audra came to live with them and to keep busy she liked to roam the countryside wherever they were at the time, she studied books in libraries when she could and picked up lot of knowlege about fossils and loved to explore caves. Julia had no fear until one day the rope she had let herself down into the gaping hole with was gone when she returned.
Rafe and his brothers had liked to explore the caves near where they lived when they were young until an accident left the youngest with bad scars and even worse nightmares. The brothers became seperated years later and Rafe was alone when he finds Julia trapped in the caves without a way out and very hysterical. She hears noises and believes someone to be in the cave with her and this brings another fear to light in her mind.
Can these two people so different become more then friends,read this story and see how two that needs someone in their lives, and circumstances seem to keep them together, see the strengths in the other and realize they should..or should they be together.
What is Audra's life like after marrying this odd man who leaves his family alone so much. What secrets lurk in the background to be brought to light?

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