Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Novella by Mary Ellis- "Sarah's Christmas Miracle"

Sarah's Christmas MiracleSarah's Christmas Miracle by Mary Ellis
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This is one of Mary Ellis Christmas novella, "Sarah's Christmas Miracle".

Mary packed a lot into this little book, Sarah is happy with her life, she has a long time beau - works in English B&B where she cooks and cleans.

Adam, the beau, sometimes wonders if Sarah truly loves him as she seems content to wait for marriage. She has not taken vows to the church which needs to be done before the amish wed and then there is certain time of year that they do it also so work will be slower and allow them a little time.

Sarah had a brother that left his home on construction job and never returned, now it is 5 yrs later and Sarah wonders what he is doing,how he is living and what changes have been made as he lives like one of the "English". She worries about it to the extent that she plans a way to find out his address and a visit to him.
When Sarah did visit her brother and saw he lived in dire straits as he was unemployed, she thought more of her life and how it was sort of in limbo and that she should make some changes and live life as she was meant to do as a wife- mother and helping in the community. Sarah came back home with a different attitude and Adam saw this when they were together again.
The Christmas miracle came about when Caleb visited a church and accepted that he needed his home and god in his life. He finally accepted that we are all sinners and God wants us to come home and live for him, I thought of the prodigal son when I read about Caleb.

This is a Plain and loving story of Hope and redemption, a welcome read at Christmastime and any other.....

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