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Book #2 "The Husband Tree", Mary Connealy's series Montana Marriages

The Husband Tree (Montana Marriages, #2)The Husband Tree by Mary Connealy
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Book #2 "The Husband Tree" in Mary Connealy's series Montana Marriages
This was a great story of a feisty woman who had married and buried three husbands, you will be tickled when you find out what the Husband tree is-I liked this cute idea in a book.
Belle had never been treated well from any of the husbands and had a great mistrust of men by the time she met Silas.
Silas had been raised in a home of women and was fed up being around women professes to never marry and then he meets Belle.
The only good thing Belle believes that came from here marriages were four beautiful girls, each looking like their pa's. Belle taught them that men were "no-good" and they should stay single and learn to take care of themselves in this world as she did.
Silas signs on with Belle for a cattle drive of 1000 mean animals on a journey that will take a month on a dangerous trail to Helena. He doesnt realize at first there will be only Belle and her girls that will work this drive. Along the way they end up with more men to help and one of Belle's daughters soon loses her heart to a young man and by end of drive has decided to marry and stay near Helena with him and his father.
Silas finds many things to admire about Belle and soon the two of them are rethinking there thoughts about marriage and maybe just maybe they could share their lives and find happiness, do you think this wild woman can be tamed by a man who once thought he didnt want to be around women who is now thinking Belle and her girls look pretty good and entertaining thoughts of marriage?
I enjoyed this story and look forward to book #3.

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