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Series of Montana Marriages by Mary Connealy - book #3 "Wildflower Bride"

Wildflower Bride (Montana Marriages, #3)Wildflower Bride by Mary Connealy
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Montana Marriages series by Mary Connealy book #3 "Wildflower Bride"

I really like this series and book #3 did not disappoint me, this was the story of Wade Sawyer who had always been a disappointment to his father, he just could do nothing right according to the man. He grew up being abused and feeling little love on a ranch after his mother died, with his father and lot of cowhands. Wade always dreamed of having courage and strength but knew little of how to get it. He went from bad to worse when he started drinking and stalking Cassie whom he thought he loved. He finally met Red and made some changes in his life that led him to finding the Lord and living a different life. He left the ranch and his father and lit out on his own. It was on this journey that he met "Glowing Sun".

Glowing Sun was a beautiful young white woman that had been found by indians after her folks died and she was left alone at the tender age of 12. They took her to live with them and raised her with their families. She had almost forgot all about her white heritage by the time she met Wade. The chiefs son wanted to marry her and her life was moving forward in the indian village. She carried a knife and was very very good at pulling it when she needed to.

Wade saved her from couple men who had taken her from her village and then when she didnt want to go back to the white world, Wade took her home to her village. He wanted to find a way for them to be together so he stayed in the wilds himself - reading Bible and coming closer to the God who would give him strength.

After much time Wade awoke to gunfire and knew it came from the indian village so he rode hard and fast to get there to help, upon arriving, he found Glowing Sun was being abducted and he was able to save her once again. This time she went with him to the white world. Wade had word that his father was dying and wanted him home, so because of his faith and knowing he should honor his parents , wade took glowing sun and returned home to help.

This time Glowing Sun had realized her white name had been "Abby" so she left the indian village - after her family there had been killed and would try to live as white woman "Abby". There is much mystery in this story as the men who killed the indians were some mean bad guys who terrorized the little town near Wade's ranch. There was talk of rustlers and murders and Wade and his friends Red and Silas became involved in sorting out all of this mayhem. I enjoyed reading of Silas & Belle, Red & Cassie, Wade & Abby in these 3 books.

Wade and Abby never thought they would ever marry but now we can read the story of how Wade made Abby his Wildflower Bride..

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