Saturday, February 11, 2012

Montana Marriages series by Mary Connealy - #1 Montana Rose

Montana RoseMontana Rose by Mary Connealy
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is a wonderful series Montana Marriages by Mary Connealy, first book is "Montana Rose", This is the story of Cassie. She has been mistreated and lived with a gaurdian after her folks died. Griff was an older man that misused her estate and then married her and made her into the kind of wife he wanted-"very submissive".
When Griff dies Cassie is with child and devastated because this has been her life such a long time and she knows no other.
A woman cannot live alone in this wild country and most marry soon but within a day Cassie was widowed and wedded the next, you wont want to miss this story of Red Dawson marrying a woman he does not want to because he thinks she is a non-believer. Red Loves the lord and wants to live as he should but knows no one else will treat Cassie to a good life as he wants to.
Red lives in a soddy and Cassie is used to a huge home with outfits of silks and satins, how are these two going to get along in married life? Life will change for him and her that is for sure.
The town calls her a China Doll, thinking she is nothing but a spoiled little girl that Griff brought back to his country. He treated her Royally in public but.....
I really enjoyed reading how Red and Cassie come to know one another better and make a marriage from this rude beginning.

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