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Out of Control -first book in series of Mary Connealy's "The Kincaid Brides"

Out of Control (The Kincaid Brides, #1)Out of Control by Mary Connealy
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This book is first in the series- The Kincaid Brides, by Mary Connealy, "Out of Control" book #1 tells the story of Rafe Kincaid.
Rafe is a man who likes to be in control and it bothers him when things go helter-skelter in his life, as it is apt to do after he meets Julia who seems to be his exact opposite.
This woman has been on her own a lot since her mother died and her father moved a lot and usually got a ramshackle place far from town and kept her there while he worked in town for the week, coming home on weekends. Julia's father was a bully and not a well liked person. He had a questionable history. He married a young woman and this is the first time that Julia has a friend and feels like her life might be better, the wife has a baby and another on the way soon after the marriage and Julia spends lot of time helping this frail young woman. There seems to be no Love between her father and his new wife, this confuses Julia but she accepts it. Julia had much time to herself before Audra came to live with them and to keep busy she liked to roam the countryside wherever they were at the time, she studied books in libraries when she could and picked up lot of knowlege about fossils and loved to explore caves. Julia had no fear until one day the rope she had let herself down into the gaping hole with was gone when she returned.
Rafe and his brothers had liked to explore the caves near where they lived when they were young until an accident left the youngest with bad scars and even worse nightmares. The brothers became seperated years later and Rafe was alone when he finds Julia trapped in the caves without a way out and very hysterical. She hears noises and believes someone to be in the cave with her and this brings another fear to light in her mind.
Can these two people so different become more then friends,read this story and see how two that needs someone in their lives, and circumstances seem to keep them together, see the strengths in the other and realize they should..or should they be together.
What is Audra's life like after marrying this odd man who leaves his family alone so much. What secrets lurk in the background to be brought to light?

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