Friday, January 27, 2012

Valentine's Day 2012

It will soon be February and the month of Love and Valentine's Day. There are many kinds of Love in this world, The Love of family when you are small and then as you mature comes thoughts of the opposite sex, "Puppy Love" when a young couple think this is it "I am in Love" they get that tingly feeling - cant eat or sleep like they did before. Next is the mature Love of a spouse for his or her mate and hopfully this will last many years in a happy relationship. I was young and immature when I married the first time, we met in December -He was a sailor in a cute uniform and we had "Fun" together. I wanted to get married and have children and live "My Life". We were married in Feb, hardly 3 months after meeting. We had two sons and a troubled marriage because of my youth and immaturity and his drinking-a holdover from his days of being a sailor. We divorced after 10 yrs and remarried within a yr which lasted another 10 yrs then we divorced again. I like to read the Love chapter in the Bible - 1st Corinthians chapter 13, it was read at my second marriage in 1987. I am in the September years of my life now -most of it is gone -we are never sure of what tomorrow will bring. We must put our faith in God above and live in the moments of his grace. Thanking him for all we have and ever will have, for his love and caring as we try to be a better person today then we were yesterday. I look at nature and love the beautiful blue skies and sun warming my face as I sit on my front porch and praise him, feeling a little breeze on my face as he whispers to me. I am in awe of all he created and gave to us. I look at the body he made that is so miraculous in the way every part works, of the miracle of a baby growing in a young woman and birthed a beautiful tiny human being. God is so good to us. He Is Love-Pure and simple Love. So when Valentine's Day comes around in February, I hope you remember the one that is LOVE..

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