Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Wedding Journey by Cheryl St John

The Wedding Journey (Love Inspired Historical)The Wedding Journey by Cheryl St.John
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I received this book in PDF file from the author Cheryl St John, I loved reading "The Wedding Journey". this story is about three young ladies from Ireland.Maeve-Nora& Bridget, a sad beginning where the girls lose their "Da" and he is buried reminding them of the time when they lost their Mother years ago. Soon the landlord explains they must leave the only home they have known so his family can move in.
The girls start cleaning and putting items they will take with them not knowing where they will go or what they will do. In the midst of this they find a picture with letter and deed to a home in America that someone named Laird O'Mallery had sent to their mother many years ago begging her to come to him.
Now they had a plan, they would travel to America and see if this home was still there. It takes all they have to come up with monies to travel on this journey. Soon they are on the docks looking for the ship "Annie McGee".
there is much confusion on docks and soon a incident where a donkey and cart rears up when it is mishandled and a child is found wounded laying underneath, Maeve runs to help instantly and saves the childs life by stopping the flow of blood with a make-shift tourniquet. the Dr of the ship is much impressed and offers her a job as his assistant. She is reluctant to take it at first but when her sisters help her to remember they will need monies when they get to america to live on, she accepts. The good dr also tells her sister of jobs they can do and they are most grateful, one a governess and the other to help in galley.
The young boy has two brothers and they two are soon put to jobs on ship and life is better then they have ever had. The long journey forges many friendships among the passengers, there are births and deaths before the journeys end.
You will like to read how this story unfolds for the good doctor and his assistant along with some of the other passengers. I did....

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