Saturday, January 21, 2012

Love on a Dime by Cara Lynn James

Love on a Dime (Ladies of Summerhill, #1)Love on a Dime by Cara Lynn James
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This is a Ladies of Summerhill novel "Love on a Dime" by Cara Lynn James. The time period is almost 1900 and the setting is Newport Rhode Island. Many in this area are well to do folks and they live by certain codes and if you are wealthy it is not the thing to have a job and work, Lilly Westbrook fell in love at a young age with a young fella , not of the elite..He proposed and she accepted but when he went to ask papa's permission he overheard a conversation leading him to believe that Lilly's parents would never accept him. He believed he had to let her go and make his fortune before he would be accepted by the wealthy folks in the area.
Lilly was heartbroken and after Jackson left she turned to writing novels under another name so no one would know. She even is courted by a wealthy young man for awhile and tho she knows she cannot love him she is willing to settle and be the best wife she can be when he proposes to her.
Jackson was gone 6 yrs making his fortune and then returns hoping that Lilly might still accept him as a suitor, He desperately loves her still.
There are some twist to this story when someone finds out who is writing the dime-store romance novels, there is mention of blackmail. you will want to read this book and learn how the rich and famous live a different lifestyle and what happens when Jackson and Lilly spend time together again. Can he win her love again? Can she trust this man that left so abruptly and has now returned?

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