Sunday, January 15, 2012

"Lilly's Wedding Quilt" A Patch of Heaven Novel by Kelly Long

Lilly's Wedding Quilt (Patch of Heaven, #2)Lilly's Wedding Quilt by Kelly Long
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This is Book #2 in Kelly Long's A Patch of Heaven Novels, "Lilly's Wedding Quilt". I loved the story of Jacob and Lily, each needed someone new in their lives but did not realize that they would be anything other then friends at the beginning.
Jacob is a very prosperous Horse Breeder and while out one day lets himself get carried away when he sees a horse being mistreated, so "He stole it". He didnt give much thought to the idea just did it. He got himself shot and had folks out looking for a horse thief.

Lilly Lapp has always been a dutiful daughter and watches out for her "Mamm" after her father dies. Her mother has some mental problems that are not addressed well in an amish community. Lilly is a school teacher and they barely get by on her salary.
There is another twist to the story as it begins the woman that Jacob had always loved is getting married to another.
Lilly is on her way to the wedding when a storm spooks the horse and she takes shelter in a barn and finds Jacob there, The story really spirals into almost unbelievable happenings in the next chapters, I enjoyed reading this book and think you will too.
I do hope that Kelly will continue this series into another book carrying the characters further along in their lives.

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