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Sisters of the Quilt -Trilogy by Cindy Woodsmall

Sisters of the Quilt: The Complete TrilogySisters of the Quilt: The Complete Trilogy by Cindy Woodsmall
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This is a trilogy by Cindy Woodsmall "Sisters of the Quilt".

When the Heart Cries is book #1, Hannah is a young amish girl who works at a neighbors home. The neighbor has a grandson that comes each summer, a break from his college days. Paul is a little older then Hannah and he begins to have feelings for her when he sees how she works so hard and has a wonderful attitude about her, they become kindred spirits so to speak. their friendship grows over the years and soon she is ready to leave her roots and think of being a part of the mennonite community with Paul when he finishes college.
Hannah's father is very strict and takes being the head of his house literally.
The "unmentionable" happens to Hannah one day when she is walking home from Paul's grandmothers house. She is devastated and she and her parents choose to keep a secret from everyone.
Hannah leaves her community but not the way she had hoped to, she finds the address of a aunt she didnt know she had in Ohio and moves away amidst much confusion to begin a new life when lies and the community turns against her. She must make a new beginning and finds help through many people.
This book ignites a broader understanding of others beliefs and a God-Given strength to deal with pain we all experience.

Book #2 When the Morning Comes, This is the continuing story of Hannah. A Dr has become a good friend and mentor and she learns new skills to help her survive. Hannah now lives more like the "english", she fills her life with work and finds a contentment though she still keeps many of her amish ways. A new family is given to her with her aunt and the man she raised along with his sister and the sisters two children. Hannah tries to put her love for Paul away and look to a life without him
this book she struggles between he amish roots and the worldly atmosphere she is now in. Her community deals with the aftermath of her disappearance. One sister has deep guilt and her life drastically changes when she cannot believe that her beloved sister that she had told lies about will stay gone and she wont see her again. Her mind is affected to the degree that everyone thinks a talk with Hannah will help her.

Book #3 When the Soul Mends, this story deals with Hannah being found by Paul and her family asking her to return to help her sister.
Hannah is torn between her life that she has made and the one she left behind. Hidden truths come out after many years and the community realizes they have wronged Hannah because of half truths told. Hannah goes back to help her sister and soon becomes caught in the middle of feelings for Paul and the english man she has come to Love also.
Paul now works with Better Path that helps amish with difficult problems in their lives. He wants to help Sarah and reluctantly Hannah accepts that he can help her and they both must convince her father of this truth. She soon learns that some of the things she beleived of Paul were not true and they were both deceived by a friend of Paul's who wanted to be more then a friend to him.
So much confusion- yet so much love-between this man and woman that had known one another for so many years. Will they be able to find their way back to what was or maybe forward to something better. "Nevertheless" a word that God gave her holds them in its grip...
Read this wonderful story, I cried at Hannah's difficulties and felt joy and happiness when she makes decisions to live her life to the fullest.

I was given this book by WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing to read and review, thank you

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