Friday, December 23, 2011

Thomas Kinkade "The Christmas Angel" by Katherine Spencer

The Christmas Angel (Cape Light Novels)The Christmas Angel by Thomas Kinkade
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

this is my first time to read any of the Thomas Kinkade books, written by Katherine Spencer, it is one of the Cape Light Novels "The Christmas Angel".
It is the story of Emily the mayor or a thriving little town and the events that followed after she found a baby that had been abandoned near a church in the nativity set. Emily had went for her usual run and as she passed the church she thought she saw movement and went back to check. A beautiful little girl and it brought back so many memories as Emily had given up her child that had been born just after she lost her husband and in her grief she let others talk her into letting her little girl be adopted so it would have two parents.
fast forward and Emily and Dan have recently married, he has raised two children and wants to enjoy retirement.
A bright spot was that Emily's daughter found her birth mother 2 yrs ago and they had became good friends.
reading this story has many tender moments and many memories of both Emily and Dan's previous lives. I think you will enjoy reading how a second marriage can be strong and maybe even better then the first one was.

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Thursday, December 22, 2011

A Birthday for Jesus

A young girl many years ago got the shock of her life when an angel came to her to say she would have a child and call his name Jesus. Now Mary was engaged to Joseph and knew this would surely cause problems but she accepted this awesome gift anyway. Joseph at first did not understand and was tempted to leave Mary but an angel also appeared to him and told him he needed to accept this and to help Mary with her son. Mary & Joseph were given a responsibility that day and they lived up to it. This tiny infant was born in a stable, wrapped in swaddling clothes and loved by all that saw him. Three wise men came from afar bearing gifts and proclaiming this to be their King. God gave his son to become an infant and live on this earth to be an example for how we should live, then he had him die for our sins so we could live eternally with HIM. All we are asked to do is to accept this wonderful gift of grace. I accept---do you??? Merry Christmas-Happy Birthday Jesus!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

giveaway check it out by Hope White

Christmas Haven by Hope White Love Inspired Suspense - November 1, 2011 I am ready to read this one are you???

Friday, December 16, 2011

Ada's House series by Cindy Woodsmall "The Harvest of Grace"

The Harvest of GraceThe Harvest of Grace by Cindy Woodsmall
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Cindy Woodsmall's book "The Harvest of Grace" this is the 3rd book in series Ada's House.
This is the story of Sylvia Fisher, she is one of several sister, no brothers to work the land. The other girls all like doing house work but Sylvia only wants to be a part of the dairy farm working with her father.
Sylvia and Elam have been courting but she is reluctant to get married and when she wont commit to a date, Elam does the unthinkable and breaks her heart.
Many characters from the previous books continue their stories here. Ada,Deborah,Cara with her daughter Lori fondly called "lorabean". Lena who has a disfigurment on face,Grey,Mahlon,Ephraim,Johnathan,Israel and Aaron. I enjoyed reading about the folks who became couples and how Sylvia managed to live her life after Elam with the Blanks working at their farm. Aaron returns after being in rehab to help his folks and soon finds working with Sylvia a challenge.
Can Sylvia find relief from the echoes of her past..or will they shape her future forever?

I was indeed fortunate to have this book given to me for a review by WaterBrook Multnomah publishing. I loved reading this amish story.

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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Lenora Worth's book His Brother's Wife

His Brother's WifeHis Brother's Wife by Lenora Worth
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is the first for me in th Ever After love inspired collection by Lenora Worth
Once there were two brothers and a young girl that were very close growing up and she loved them both in different ways. Mason the youngest went away to make his fortune and Lily married Daniel when he asked. They had ten years together but no children. She cared for Daniel but just not in a strong way that marriages should be and she felt like she had let him down. She took care of him when he became ill and was devastated when he died.
Mason returned and as the will was read it had a very unusal request, using a bible verse in Deuteronomy chapter 25:5 about a brother marrying the widow when his brother died. Daniel wanted Mason and Lily to wed.
She had loved Mason but felt guilty about marrying him so soon after becoming a widow. you will enjoy reading the story of Mason and Lily finding out how much they truly care and what happens for them as they learn about one another. A miracle for sure....

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Tricia Goyer Meme giveaway

I am posting about the Meme giveaway -answer some questions and be entered to win, thanks Tricia My answers: My holiday song is O Holy Night christmas decoration is doing the outdoor lights where would I take an elderly person would be to Florida where they can be warm I would say the untangible gift would be acceptance of me, just as I am. I would love to go back and find out about all the ancestors, parents disceased now. a strange gift, what can I say about this one, maybe not getting one when I thought I would

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Review of Stella Bagwell "A South Texas Christmas"

A South Texas Christmas (Silhouette Special Edition)A South Texas Christmas by Stella Bagwell
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

These smaller books are so easy to read and the stories are really good as this one by Stella Bagwell "A South Texas Christmas".

This story is about Raine Crockett who lives on a huge estate called "Sandbur Ranch", she and her Mom came there when she was a baby and she has grown up there and now holds a job in the business end.
Her Mother had lost her memory after an accident and was found near this estate, but Raine always wonders about her father and Mother wont say anything. They live a secluded life mostly on the Ranch and it is only when Raine is grown that she searches for her father.
Raine meets Neil Rankin who is to help her and then he pretends to be a boyfriend so he can meet the mother, this quickly escalates into his being fiance' to Raine. there are many tense moments and this couple soon are not sure it is a farce as they get to know one another.
You will enjoy this story as it unfolds and the ending which is a pretty big surprise.

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Friday, December 9, 2011


The Christmas Singing (Chapter 1 Excerpt)

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Patricia David's "An Amish Christmas" of Brides of Amish Country

When Karen Imhoff finds a beaten man lying unconscious by the road in her Amish community, she doesn't hesitate to help. "John Doe" needs a place to stay while he regains his memory, and she has a room to rent. The handsome Englisher proves invaluable around the family farm, yet his presence wreaks havoc with her emotions. Karen has her younger siblings to care for since her mother had died 4 yrs previously. John finds himself liking the Imhoff home and the people esp Karen. He tries to find out if anyone knows him in the community and is devastated when he realizes he may never regain his memory. He is falling in love with an amish woman and the faith that she holds so dear. There are times when he thinks he could join and become "Plain". When Jacob, karens brother, finally accepts John and likes him enough to give him a watch that he had found at the site of John's accident and kept hidden all this time. The watch was engraved and now he believes his name is Aaron, but after going to a horse show with Karens family he soon has his memory back and realizes he is Johnathon, remembers his family and his business and why he came to this amish community, to see a young woman who is sister to his best friends wife. He has sad news to tell her. Will John now leave and go back to the life he knew or come back to the love of this woman and to the faith that he has grown to want? Patricia Davids has written a beautiful amish story and I am hoping there is another book coming to tell the story of John and Karen.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Once upon a Christmas by Lauraine Snelling & Lenora Worth

Once Upon a ChristmasOnce Upon a Christmas by Lenora Worth
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I have read the first story in this book of 2. Lauraine Snelling ia a wonderful author and I have read many of her books. The story of Blythe is one of a workaholic. She is so busy that she "almost" forget to stop and smell the roses...She is a dog lover and through this meets a wonderful man-another dedicated worker and the two must learn to slow down to finally "get together". I really liked reading their story.
Lenora Worth writes the second story, Elise(socialite) goes home for the holidays to family in a louisana plantation. Her grandmother is a woman that speaks her mind and has much to share with this special granddaughter. Grandmother has asked ALL family members to celebrate Christmas at her home even though she is elderly and others had the celebration for years now.
Elise is told by her grandmother upon arriving that she wants her to "reform" the gardener, Theo Galliano. This handsome scruffy fella. She is told that he is trying to woo a former girlfriend back and he needs help to be "Polished". reluctantly Elise offers to take the challenge. Sparks fly when these two meet face to face and you have to read this story to see how they should be together.
Good story Lenora.

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Friday, December 2, 2011

Tricia Goyer "Along Wooded Paths"

Along Wooded Paths (The Big Sky Series, #2)Along Wooded Paths by Tricia Goyer
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is story called "Along Wooded Paths" by Tricia Goyer, the story Marianna and the choice she will have to make between two men that she loves and they love her. First and formost is the Love of God and of the amish background that she has lived all her life. One man is Amish and the other English. I found myself liking both of these young men and thinking I am glad I dont have to make a choice like she will.
Aaron Zook was a friend since childhood and everyone expected Marianna to marry him, even he expected it too but there was no committment before she left Indiana and moved to Montana.
Marianna had moved with her parents.
In Montana she meets Ben who helps her a lot and she is drawn to him because he has a relationship with God that seems even closer then she has. She wants a closer relationship also.
Marianna promised to return "Home to Indiana" and now is torn between love of this new land and the man also so different from Aaron and then not as different. You will like reading this story and see how she makes up her mind, does she stay or go home?

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