Friday, April 27, 2012

"A Baby Between Them" by Winnie Griggs, LIH Irish Brides series

A Baby Between ThemA Baby Between Them by Winnie Griggs

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

"A Baby Between Them" by Winnie Griggs (3rd book in Irish Brides series)

Another author-another sister's tale in this last book in the series.

Nora Murphy came to America on the ship "Annie McGee" along with two sisters. Nora loved children and when a family was in need of a nanny for the trip she happily took the job. Not long into the trip she found an abandoned newborn on the ship and took over its care while everyone searched for the mother. The three sisters took turns helping with the baby and named it Grace after a mother was not found. Nora and the sisters were headed to Faith Glen mass, in hopes of locating a home they had inherited.

Cameron Long was sheriff of Faith Glen and he helped the three sisters to find the home and to get settled in. The place had an elderly couple there as caretakers but it was in bad need of repair. Nora Maeve and Bridget had lost their home in Ireland so they knew how this couple must be fearing they would have to move also but soon found they were to stay and be a part of the family.

Cam had an abusive alchoholic father and had closed himself off from relationships thinking he did not want to be like his father. When he meets Nora He does not know how to stay unaffected by her sweet nature and loving ways. Even Baby Grace grabs his finger and his heart before he has know her long at all.

Nora takes a job or working at the sheriff office and they are thrown together often.

I know you will want to read this last book and find out how Nora and Cam come to terms with finding "Love" in the midst of adventure in Faith Glen when there is a horse thief and kidnapper loose in the area.

although there were three authors this series and the stories of the sisters was well correlated.

Thanks for a great story Cheryl-Renee&Winnie....

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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Mistaken Bride by Renee Ryan (LIH Irish Brides series)

Mistaken Bride (Love Inspired Historical, #2)Mistaken Bride by Renee Ryan

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Mistaken Bride by Renee Ryan 2nd book in LIH Irish Brides series

This series was written by different authors yet the story seems to effortlessly move along..Book #2 is the story of Bridget Murphy.

Bridget and her sisters came to America by ship "The Annie McGee". she is now on the docks waiting for her sisters to embark when she spys a rugged but handsome young man searching the docks and she watches him wondering what or whom he is looking for. He introduces himself to her -William Black- and he is looking for his mail order bride that was to come from Ireland on this ship. The woman he is to meet also is named Bridget, such a coincidence.

Soon the women will

One sister Maeve had been assistant to the dr on ship,Flynn, and after becoming close on the voyage they had married. The three sisters had a deed to property in Faith Glen Mass that they had found after their mother had died recently so they were to find this together and have a home in America. Maeve was going to stay in Boston at first with her new husband and the other two to go onto Faith Glen for now.

They soon met the sheriff of the town Cameron Long and he was a great help in locating the property and getting them settled.

Bridget and William Black soon find themselves again meeting and he enlist her help as nanny to his children-a young boy and girl who are twins. I know you will enjoy reading the story of Bridget and William as Renee moves this story right along so smoothly.

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Saturday, April 21, 2012

April 23, 1965 Savannah Ga is locale of New Birth

This day was a momentous one for my husband and I as our #2 son William Eric made his way into the world and our lives. He was a long skinny babe with dark hair and eyes and took my breath away when they handed him to me for the very first time.
I guess all mothers think this way as they hold a tiny new baby and marvel that this babe was inside them only moments before -now he is stretching and yawning grabbing hold of your heart of which he will hold until death seperates you.
This little guy grew as all little ones do with few complications in his life knowing that Mom and Dad would take care of him. He did not question, only accepted as they do at this time of their lives. What is more precious then a tiny baby that God has given to parents to nurture and raise up til they can take care of themselves...
I took him home from the hosptial and laid him on the bed so tenderly in awe that now I had two sons, what an awesome honor and responsibility.
We raised our sons as most folks do, loving them-caring for their physical bodies-instilling in them-honesty&love.
They were beautiful little boys having fun running around the outdoors and enjoying the love of grandparents who doted on them as they were the first and only grandchildren on their dad's side.

Twelve years of schooling and they soon grew into manhood and have left Mom & Dad venturing out into the big world to make their way. Not mine nor their Dads- but their way.

Today I look back upon the life of "Bill" and remember that sweet little babe and of all the years we had to cherish him. We don't think so at the time - but- life goes so fast in the life of a child and they are soon grown and making their own way while we are left floundering along wondering where did the years go?

Savannah Ga got a new citizen - we got a second son- Thank you God for the privilege and challange you gave to us that day long ago. My conclusion "Just Love and Love some more your family...."

Friday, April 20, 2012

"The Unlikely Wife" by Debra Ullrick

The Unlikely WifeThe Unlikely Wife by Debra Ullrick

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Unlikely Wife by Debra Ullrick

This is one of those mail order brides books and just a little twist thrown in to make it interesting. The Bride wore pants.
Michael Bowen has married by proxy-sight unseen. He had written to a young woman whom he fell in love with through their wonderful exchange of letters. He has dreams of a genteel southern talking woman similar to his sister-in-law whom he has great admiration for.
Selina has lived a hard life and had to take care of her siblings after her mother died and her father all but gave up on life. She had to see they had food by hunting and did all the jobs a mother and father would do. She was only a little girl herself but she lived up to the challange. She wore pants to make her life easier and hunted and cooked many animals that some folks would not have thought to eat.
She had a close friend that knew of her great heart and wanted her to have love in her life and be taken care of instead of doing the caring for others now that she was grown up so she wrote letters for her to Michael. Selina could not read nor write - she sent her siblings to school but she worked at home. Selina fell in love with Michael's letter and knew she would not find a better husband to live her life with.
Michael got the shock of his life when he met the train she arrived on and saw her standing there in pants-boots and cowboy hat with her rifle in hand. Meeting and greeting was not what he had planned but vows had been made and Michael was not one to shirk his duty, she knew he was dissappointed and could not figure how why... They both were so sad as they climbed aboard the wagon to head home.
You will love reading this story as it unfolds with Michael and Selina coming to grips with everyday life and learning more of what caused such confusion.
Selina won't change the way she is for anyone...Michael must learn to look beyond the outside and find the diamond in the rough.
Can these two find contentment and maybe even true love? Read about this story of Michael's "Unlikely Wife".

I loved your story Debra, thanks for sharing your talant.

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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Wildflowers in Winter by Katie Ganshert

Wildflowers from Winter: A NovelWildflowers from Winter: A Novel by Katie Ganshert

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Wildflowers from Winter a novel by Katiw Ganshert

This was first book I had read by this author and it is such a great story about a young woman Bethany who had many upsets in her life as a young girl and she put up a wall to keep from feeling much of anything about life. She set goals and strived toward them looking neither left nor right, when her grandfather had a heart attack she went back home to Peaks Iowa. Her father and grandfather had worked the land all their life and Bethany had loved the farm as a child.
Bethany was a city girl now living in Chicago, an architect and she liked her life with a neat apt and a very nice car, she now feels she is way ahead of the life she lived in Peaks living in a trailer with her mother after her Dad died. She thinks to herself I will take a quick visit with grandpa Dan and be home again in Chicago before they know I have been gone.
She meets Evan when she gets to the farm and finds out he now lives there and works with her grandfather. To say sparks fly is to put it mildly when these two meet. Evan is a rugged good looking guy with muscles all in the right places. Bethany feels the attraction but will not let herself go that way.
She and Robin had been best friends in school and when she learns she has a husband in a coma in hospital she visits her even though it has been 10 yrs since they have been in touch. Soon she learns that Mica is brother to Evan and Robin is being told to remove his life supports and let him go, a decision that is so hard for her. His family all rally round to support her in every way.
Bethany hurries back to Chicago on the day that Robin lets her husband go. Back at work she is given a setback when told company must downsize and her job is gone. the lease on apt is almost up too and she is devastated at the losses in her life. Another jolt comes when boyfriend says he has a job offer in Atlanta and will be moving, then Evan calls to say Grandpa Dan has had another heart attack and is gone. She must go back to Iowa to set up funeral arrangements.
I was drawn into this story with Bethany having so many losses from her youth to adult life and how she handles her decisions and how she finally grows from being around Robin-Evan and others in Iowa. Evan has strong faith and Bethany does not think God helps anyone. these two have a long way to go to become friends and you wont want to miss reading their story here.
Bethany loved the farm when she was a child and wanted to marry a farmer and live the good life right their in Iowa, do you think she can find her way back and maybe even have a little of both lifes. one as an architect and also farmlife..Can she let someone get closer to her and feel again,read and find out.

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Today is Sunday -Time to Reflect......

To every thing there is a season, and a time
to every purpose under the heaven:
A time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant,
and a time to pluck up that which is planted;
A time to kill, and a time to heal; a time to
break down, and a time to build up;
A time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time
to mourn, and a time to dance;
A time to cast away stones, and a time to gather stones together;
a time to embrace, and a time to refrain from embracing;
A time to get, and a time to lose; a time to
keep, and a time to cast away;
A time to rend, and a time to sew; a time to
keep silence, and a time to speak;
A time to love, and a time to hate; a time
of war, and a time of peace.
—Ecclesiastes 3:1–8

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Finding Our Way Home by Charlene Ann Baumbich

this is my first book by Charlene and I was not dissapointed, it is a wonderful story of a young woman who studies all her life and becomes a gifted ballerina star. She meets with tragedy and leaves the dancing field.
A young woman who is the exact opposite of Sasha comes to interview to help be an assistant. they are drawn to one another and she gets the job.

Now we find Sasha and Evelyn living together in a small town in Minnesota. This is where Sasha grew up and now must put her mothers affairs in order after she dies and living here had bittersweet moments for her.
Sasha understandably has dark moments since the accident that changed her life so drasticly, Evelyn tries to cheer and to help make life easier for Sasha and at times these two butt heads on what is the right or wrong way. They find ways to compromise and in time the two become more friends then employer-employee.

I really enjoyed reading this story of a spirit crushed and then revived as time heals.

I was given this book by WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing grp for reviewing, thanks for the opportunity I have had to learn about this author Charlene Ann Baumbich, she has written a wonderful story of courage.(less)

Belonging written by Robin Hatcher

Belonging (#1 Where the Heart Lives)Belonging by Robin Lee Hatcher

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Belonging is written by Robin Hatcher

"Can two Bitter pasts make one sweet future?" I for one am a believer of second chances and these two sure need just that.

Felicia Kristoffersen is moving to Frenchman's Bluff, Idaho to become a schoolteacher. She is alone now and is hoping to fill her life with helping children to find a better life for themselves.

Felicia while a young child had been sent out on an orphan train after her mother died and father had left home. She had a brother and sister that too left on the train and the three had not seen one another or had any contact any many years. Felicia found a nice home where the couple gave her an education and a roof over her head but they neglected the one thing she so desperately wanted and needed-Love.

Colin had lost his wife many years ago and his daughter Charity was his whole life, his reason to work and make a home. He loved her completely and maybe spoiled her a little-well maybe a lot. He was on the schoolboard and when they had voted on the teacher he had not wanted a young woman who had no experience teaching though she had the credentials. The teacher was to live in his home behind his business and he would help her get acclamated but he was not going to like her.

We now have a woman who has not known Love and a man who lost the love he had, can these two find something in comon?

I found these two characters to be so endearing in their search for happiness, the community had a busy body woman who thinks everyone should listen to her and she tries to run the life of her daughter-in-law who lives with her along with 2 daughters after her husband died. She is a matchmaker trying to get Kathleen married off to Colin who was best catch in town. their daughters liked each other and played together often. Kathleen has other ideas though and ms Busy body will soon find out that she cannot run other peoples lives.

You will love reading this book by Robin, a great story in the midst of sage-covered plains long long ago...

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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

LIH author Victoria Bylin's "Marrying the Major"

Marrying the MajorMarrying the Major by Victoria Bylin
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Book by Victoria Bylin LIH named "Marrying the Major"

Trisan was a military man through and through, even though retired he still kept those around him "orderly", he named his ranch "The Barracks".
Tristan had lost his wife and now needed a governess to watch over his little boy and daughter. He hired two sisters one to be governess the other to be a nurse who would help him as he had bouts of Malaria from the time he had been in the war.

Caroline and sister Bessie came to Wyoming on a coach and from the start there were troubles. A gang came after their coach and the driver told them to run for their lives- which they did, soon they saw the outlaws rumaging through their belongings and stealing whatever had value- tossing aside a medical shipment of Quinine that Tristan had been waiting for. They killed the driver and pushed the coach over a ravine. They left the area not having seen the hidden women.
Carolyn salvaged what she could to help them until help would come rescue them, hiding under the coach at night.

Tristan and Jon(his second in command at the ranch) went to find the missing coach when it didnt come to town after 3 days late. they found a bridge out and had to ford a stream but soon the coach was found and the women were taken back to town by horseback, Carolyn was deathly afraid of horses so this was not how she would choose to travel. mishap on the way back had her in the stream getting soaking wet and scared to death when she fell from her horse after he became entangled in branches in water. nevertheless she was soon back on the horse and on the way after getting into dry clothing.

Meeting his children upon arrival at Tristan's townhome, made the trip worthwhile. A boy sullen and quite and a little shy girl needing someone to care for them other then a father that held himself aloof.

There were many twist and turns in this book. Tristan learns his brothers have died and he must become heir to his fathers estates. Knowing he has Malaria and might die, he wants to protect his son from his grandfather so he ask Caroline to marry him for protection of his family, it does not take long for them to know they have feelings for one another and this marriage will tax them considerably. soon we hear of Tristan's father arriving, a tyrant of a man -a nobleman. A Duke and Tristan was a Marquess. Now Caroline really had something to be frightened of.
The Duke has brought ammunition he thinks, to get Tristan back to England not knowing he has married, he brings the woman that was Tristan's first love.
Louisa is a wonderful woman and Caroline soon finds "She likes her", even though their is a bit of jealousy when she thinks Tristan might still have feelings for his first love.
Louisa faints and is ill from beginning and soon it is known she is contagous with chicken pox and must be secluded away.
A couple must come to terms with a new marriage, children must become acquainted with a new governess now turned into their fathers wife. A Duke tries to woo Freddy away from his home and father, he dislikes and lets it be known, Tristan's new wife. Can these mismatched people become family and does Caroline get what she has always dreamed for, a family to live with and love..
There is much to read and enjoy in this book and I hope you will like it as much as I did.

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