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LIH author Victoria Bylin's "Marrying the Major"

Marrying the MajorMarrying the Major by Victoria Bylin
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Book by Victoria Bylin LIH named "Marrying the Major"

Trisan was a military man through and through, even though retired he still kept those around him "orderly", he named his ranch "The Barracks".
Tristan had lost his wife and now needed a governess to watch over his little boy and daughter. He hired two sisters one to be governess the other to be a nurse who would help him as he had bouts of Malaria from the time he had been in the war.

Caroline and sister Bessie came to Wyoming on a coach and from the start there were troubles. A gang came after their coach and the driver told them to run for their lives- which they did, soon they saw the outlaws rumaging through their belongings and stealing whatever had value- tossing aside a medical shipment of Quinine that Tristan had been waiting for. They killed the driver and pushed the coach over a ravine. They left the area not having seen the hidden women.
Carolyn salvaged what she could to help them until help would come rescue them, hiding under the coach at night.

Tristan and Jon(his second in command at the ranch) went to find the missing coach when it didnt come to town after 3 days late. they found a bridge out and had to ford a stream but soon the coach was found and the women were taken back to town by horseback, Carolyn was deathly afraid of horses so this was not how she would choose to travel. mishap on the way back had her in the stream getting soaking wet and scared to death when she fell from her horse after he became entangled in branches in water. nevertheless she was soon back on the horse and on the way after getting into dry clothing.

Meeting his children upon arrival at Tristan's townhome, made the trip worthwhile. A boy sullen and quite and a little shy girl needing someone to care for them other then a father that held himself aloof.

There were many twist and turns in this book. Tristan learns his brothers have died and he must become heir to his fathers estates. Knowing he has Malaria and might die, he wants to protect his son from his grandfather so he ask Caroline to marry him for protection of his family, it does not take long for them to know they have feelings for one another and this marriage will tax them considerably. soon we hear of Tristan's father arriving, a tyrant of a man -a nobleman. A Duke and Tristan was a Marquess. Now Caroline really had something to be frightened of.
The Duke has brought ammunition he thinks, to get Tristan back to England not knowing he has married, he brings the woman that was Tristan's first love.
Louisa is a wonderful woman and Caroline soon finds "She likes her", even though their is a bit of jealousy when she thinks Tristan might still have feelings for his first love.
Louisa faints and is ill from beginning and soon it is known she is contagous with chicken pox and must be secluded away.
A couple must come to terms with a new marriage, children must become acquainted with a new governess now turned into their fathers wife. A Duke tries to woo Freddy away from his home and father, he dislikes and lets it be known, Tristan's new wife. Can these mismatched people become family and does Caroline get what she has always dreamed for, a family to live with and love..
There is much to read and enjoy in this book and I hope you will like it as much as I did.

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