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Wildflowers in Winter by Katie Ganshert

Wildflowers from Winter: A NovelWildflowers from Winter: A Novel by Katie Ganshert

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Wildflowers from Winter a novel by Katiw Ganshert

This was first book I had read by this author and it is such a great story about a young woman Bethany who had many upsets in her life as a young girl and she put up a wall to keep from feeling much of anything about life. She set goals and strived toward them looking neither left nor right, when her grandfather had a heart attack she went back home to Peaks Iowa. Her father and grandfather had worked the land all their life and Bethany had loved the farm as a child.
Bethany was a city girl now living in Chicago, an architect and she liked her life with a neat apt and a very nice car, she now feels she is way ahead of the life she lived in Peaks living in a trailer with her mother after her Dad died. She thinks to herself I will take a quick visit with grandpa Dan and be home again in Chicago before they know I have been gone.
She meets Evan when she gets to the farm and finds out he now lives there and works with her grandfather. To say sparks fly is to put it mildly when these two meet. Evan is a rugged good looking guy with muscles all in the right places. Bethany feels the attraction but will not let herself go that way.
She and Robin had been best friends in school and when she learns she has a husband in a coma in hospital she visits her even though it has been 10 yrs since they have been in touch. Soon she learns that Mica is brother to Evan and Robin is being told to remove his life supports and let him go, a decision that is so hard for her. His family all rally round to support her in every way.
Bethany hurries back to Chicago on the day that Robin lets her husband go. Back at work she is given a setback when told company must downsize and her job is gone. the lease on apt is almost up too and she is devastated at the losses in her life. Another jolt comes when boyfriend says he has a job offer in Atlanta and will be moving, then Evan calls to say Grandpa Dan has had another heart attack and is gone. She must go back to Iowa to set up funeral arrangements.
I was drawn into this story with Bethany having so many losses from her youth to adult life and how she handles her decisions and how she finally grows from being around Robin-Evan and others in Iowa. Evan has strong faith and Bethany does not think God helps anyone. these two have a long way to go to become friends and you wont want to miss reading their story here.
Bethany loved the farm when she was a child and wanted to marry a farmer and live the good life right their in Iowa, do you think she can find her way back and maybe even have a little of both lifes. one as an architect and also farmlife..Can she let someone get closer to her and feel again,read and find out.

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