Saturday, April 21, 2012

April 23, 1965 Savannah Ga is locale of New Birth

This day was a momentous one for my husband and I as our #2 son William Eric made his way into the world and our lives. He was a long skinny babe with dark hair and eyes and took my breath away when they handed him to me for the very first time.
I guess all mothers think this way as they hold a tiny new baby and marvel that this babe was inside them only moments before -now he is stretching and yawning grabbing hold of your heart of which he will hold until death seperates you.
This little guy grew as all little ones do with few complications in his life knowing that Mom and Dad would take care of him. He did not question, only accepted as they do at this time of their lives. What is more precious then a tiny baby that God has given to parents to nurture and raise up til they can take care of themselves...
I took him home from the hosptial and laid him on the bed so tenderly in awe that now I had two sons, what an awesome honor and responsibility.
We raised our sons as most folks do, loving them-caring for their physical bodies-instilling in them-honesty&love.
They were beautiful little boys having fun running around the outdoors and enjoying the love of grandparents who doted on them as they were the first and only grandchildren on their dad's side.

Twelve years of schooling and they soon grew into manhood and have left Mom & Dad venturing out into the big world to make their way. Not mine nor their Dads- but their way.

Today I look back upon the life of "Bill" and remember that sweet little babe and of all the years we had to cherish him. We don't think so at the time - but- life goes so fast in the life of a child and they are soon grown and making their own way while we are left floundering along wondering where did the years go?

Savannah Ga got a new citizen - we got a second son- Thank you God for the privilege and challange you gave to us that day long ago. My conclusion "Just Love and Love some more your family...."

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