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Belonging written by Robin Hatcher

Belonging (#1 Where the Heart Lives)Belonging by Robin Lee Hatcher

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Belonging is written by Robin Hatcher

"Can two Bitter pasts make one sweet future?" I for one am a believer of second chances and these two sure need just that.

Felicia Kristoffersen is moving to Frenchman's Bluff, Idaho to become a schoolteacher. She is alone now and is hoping to fill her life with helping children to find a better life for themselves.

Felicia while a young child had been sent out on an orphan train after her mother died and father had left home. She had a brother and sister that too left on the train and the three had not seen one another or had any contact any many years. Felicia found a nice home where the couple gave her an education and a roof over her head but they neglected the one thing she so desperately wanted and needed-Love.

Colin had lost his wife many years ago and his daughter Charity was his whole life, his reason to work and make a home. He loved her completely and maybe spoiled her a little-well maybe a lot. He was on the schoolboard and when they had voted on the teacher he had not wanted a young woman who had no experience teaching though she had the credentials. The teacher was to live in his home behind his business and he would help her get acclamated but he was not going to like her.

We now have a woman who has not known Love and a man who lost the love he had, can these two find something in comon?

I found these two characters to be so endearing in their search for happiness, the community had a busy body woman who thinks everyone should listen to her and she tries to run the life of her daughter-in-law who lives with her along with 2 daughters after her husband died. She is a matchmaker trying to get Kathleen married off to Colin who was best catch in town. their daughters liked each other and played together often. Kathleen has other ideas though and ms Busy body will soon find out that she cannot run other peoples lives.

You will love reading this book by Robin, a great story in the midst of sage-covered plains long long ago...

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