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"The Unlikely Wife" by Debra Ullrick

The Unlikely WifeThe Unlikely Wife by Debra Ullrick

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The Unlikely Wife by Debra Ullrick

This is one of those mail order brides books and just a little twist thrown in to make it interesting. The Bride wore pants.
Michael Bowen has married by proxy-sight unseen. He had written to a young woman whom he fell in love with through their wonderful exchange of letters. He has dreams of a genteel southern talking woman similar to his sister-in-law whom he has great admiration for.
Selina has lived a hard life and had to take care of her siblings after her mother died and her father all but gave up on life. She had to see they had food by hunting and did all the jobs a mother and father would do. She was only a little girl herself but she lived up to the challange. She wore pants to make her life easier and hunted and cooked many animals that some folks would not have thought to eat.
She had a close friend that knew of her great heart and wanted her to have love in her life and be taken care of instead of doing the caring for others now that she was grown up so she wrote letters for her to Michael. Selina could not read nor write - she sent her siblings to school but she worked at home. Selina fell in love with Michael's letter and knew she would not find a better husband to live her life with.
Michael got the shock of his life when he met the train she arrived on and saw her standing there in pants-boots and cowboy hat with her rifle in hand. Meeting and greeting was not what he had planned but vows had been made and Michael was not one to shirk his duty, she knew he was dissappointed and could not figure how why... They both were so sad as they climbed aboard the wagon to head home.
You will love reading this story as it unfolds with Michael and Selina coming to grips with everyday life and learning more of what caused such confusion.
Selina won't change the way she is for anyone...Michael must learn to look beyond the outside and find the diamond in the rough.
Can these two find contentment and maybe even true love? Read about this story of Michael's "Unlikely Wife".

I loved your story Debra, thanks for sharing your talant.

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