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"A Baby Between Them" by Winnie Griggs, LIH Irish Brides series

A Baby Between ThemA Baby Between Them by Winnie Griggs

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"A Baby Between Them" by Winnie Griggs (3rd book in Irish Brides series)

Another author-another sister's tale in this last book in the series.

Nora Murphy came to America on the ship "Annie McGee" along with two sisters. Nora loved children and when a family was in need of a nanny for the trip she happily took the job. Not long into the trip she found an abandoned newborn on the ship and took over its care while everyone searched for the mother. The three sisters took turns helping with the baby and named it Grace after a mother was not found. Nora and the sisters were headed to Faith Glen mass, in hopes of locating a home they had inherited.

Cameron Long was sheriff of Faith Glen and he helped the three sisters to find the home and to get settled in. The place had an elderly couple there as caretakers but it was in bad need of repair. Nora Maeve and Bridget had lost their home in Ireland so they knew how this couple must be fearing they would have to move also but soon found they were to stay and be a part of the family.

Cam had an abusive alchoholic father and had closed himself off from relationships thinking he did not want to be like his father. When he meets Nora He does not know how to stay unaffected by her sweet nature and loving ways. Even Baby Grace grabs his finger and his heart before he has know her long at all.

Nora takes a job or working at the sheriff office and they are thrown together often.

I know you will want to read this last book and find out how Nora and Cam come to terms with finding "Love" in the midst of adventure in Faith Glen when there is a horse thief and kidnapper loose in the area.

although there were three authors this series and the stories of the sisters was well correlated.

Thanks for a great story Cheryl-Renee&Winnie....

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