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Hickory Ridge Romance series by Dorothy Love book #1" Beyond All Measure"

Beyond All MeasureBeyond All Measure by Dorothy Love
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

My first time to read a book by Dorothy Love and I will read more, I am always happy to find a good Christian author and stories that feed my soul.
I esp liked the words by Carolina Sandell Berg "Day by Day"
He whose heart is kind beyond all measure
gives unto each day what he deams best--
Lovingly,its part of pain and pleasure,
mingling toil with peace and rest...

Hickory Ridge Romance series book #1 "Beyond All Measure" written by Dorothy Love.
I liked the beautiful cover and content did not disapoint me.
I hope you will take time to check this author and her work.

The story is of Ada a proper Bostonian who travels to Hickory Ridge Tennessee after her father and an aunt have died, she was devastated when a beau broke their engagement and left town suddenly which left her skittish as a colt about any other men in her life. Ada had been offered a job as a ladys companion, a job she felt she could do though she had few skills. She was an educated young woman and had traveled to Europe at one time.
She likes the pretty little southern town nestled into the foothills of the Great Smoky Mtns but she planned to stay only long enough to make monies for her dream of owning a millinery shop...

Wyatt Caldwell is the nephew of Lillian, a woman who speaks her mind but has a heart of gold, Lillian is not well and needs someone to help her with daily chores and also to be a companion.
Wyatt owns a lumber mill and has to be the most honest and kind young man around, he is a handsome young man that has been a great help to his aunt and remembers fondly his youth when this aunt had been a great help to him. He meets Ada at the station when she arrives and he likes the way she looks and acts almost immediately. after some time he is sure that God has brought Ada into his life and that she is to be part of his future...

Ada soon finds out her job entails lots more then just being a companion, she soon learns to like this fiesty little woman and doesnt mind the chores she must do to help out. Seeing Wyatt often doesnt hurt much either -although she is not looking for a man in her life.

As the South struggles to heal in the aftermath of the civil war, a woman must let go of her painful past that she might embrace God's plans for her future. Is there to be a future for Ada& Wyatt. Read and enjoy this wonderful story by Dorothy Love.

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