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Lassoed in Texas series by Mary Connealy book #2 "Calico Canyon"

Calico Canyon (Lassoed in Texas #2)Calico Canyon by Mary Connealy
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Book #2 Calico Canyon in Mary Connealy's series "Lassoed in Texas"

Mary sure has a way with words with these comical characters in her wooly west series. this one is the story of Grace the mild mannered school teacher who has ran away from a man that had adopted her then cruely misused her. Her life was no better then the ones left to roam the streets trying to exist from day to day on little...little food...little warmth in cold weather.
She did not fare much better in Mosqueros Texas, as a school teacher she lived above a diner in a very small room and when when she sent monies back to her sisters in need - this left little for her to live on.
Daniel Reeves has 5 sons(very rambunctious ones)who seldom keeps them in school because of their rowdyness. Grace and Daniel butt heads many times on rules and the boys picking on others.
One very cold day -- disaster strikes in the way of her "father" coming to town looking for her and she knows she will not let him mistreat her again so she dives through a window with only her flannel nightgown on...Daniel just happens to be driving past and she stows away in his wagon under a tarp without him knowing, so she can lose the man wanting to catch her.
Daniel and his boys live on a ranch called the 6R Ranch, very far from town in a canyon that will soon be snowed in for the winter.
When he arrives home and unloads is the first time he realizes she is there and half frozen to death in little clothing.
The town starts looking for her when they realize she is missing and you will not believe how she soon becomes Mrs Daniel Reeves when the pastor and his wife show up and find they have all been together through the night.
Read this wonderful story and see how Daniel who does not want a wife and Grace who thinks this whole family is a mess, come to understand one another better through the long cold winter.
Will this hapless pair find the courage to face life together in the isolated canyon? Will her father find her again? When Spring comes to this Texas town we will find the answers as the snow melts and the canyon is open again.

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