Saturday, March 17, 2012

St Patrick's Day 2012

St. Patrick was born in 385 AD somewhere along the west coast of Britain, possibly in the Welsh town of Banwen. At age 16, he was captured and sold into slavery to a sheep farmer. He escaped when he was 22 and spent the next 12 years in a monastery. In his 30s he returned to Ireland as a Christian missionary. He died at Saul in 461 AD and is buried at Downpatrick. In Savannah Ga this holiday is done up with "gusto", the fountain in Forsyth park has flowing green waters,the Azalea bushes are blooming and it is a real pretty time to be in this area. There is an expected # of 1 million to be here reveling in the streets in downtown today. I am home in neighboring town, we went many years ago and since it has gotten so large now I stay clear of this area. It is a must if you are first time visitor to Savannah and something to talk about for years to come. Dont know if they do it every year but they have been know to make Savannah river that flows by River st green also. It is a day of fun & Frolic mostly for the young and maybe the "Young at heart too". Savannah is an older city made up of squares in downtown area and many older churches-homes and museums for folks to see. Victory dr used to be glorious drive with massive homes now has many business's and is the road to drive out to Tybee Island beach. Sand and beautiful waves from the ocean with the sounds of birds flying overhead, another nice place to visit for a day or a weekend.

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