Thursday, April 10, 2014

A Shining Light (Home to Amana #3)A Shining Light by Judith McCoy Miller
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Home to Amana series by Judith Miller "A Shining Light"

This author puts a lot of research into writing her books and it shows...I like picking up a book to read and knowing it will have this research making the places come right to mind and I can see myself walking the area the characters have walked.
Andrea Wilson gets news that her husband is lost at sea and she must make choices so that she and her little boy can survive.  Her father lives on a farm in Iowa and she decides they will move back and Lukas will get to meet his grandfather.
Upon arrival though they find out the farm burned and that grandfather was gone..nothing was left.
A kind man from the Amana colonies invited them to stay with them until they knew what they could do.  This was a life so different from the way they had lived but they became used to the routine and the love of the people here helped shore up their faith that had been neglected.
Dirk Knefler lives in the colonies and takes Lukas under his wing so to speak and the boy flourishes from the attention.  He has an attraction to Andrea also but knows they must not get too close while she is grieving the loss of her husband.
How would you feel if you were left all alone with the responsibility of a child and no monies or family to help out?
The kind people of Amana gives this small family a guiding light to light their path but what next happens will rip a tear into that fabric and cause much and enjoy this wonderful story as I did.

This book from Bethany publishing to read and review thank you so much.

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