Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Marshal's Ready-Made FamilyThe Marshal's Ready-Made Family by Sherri Shackelford
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Sherri Shackleford writes "The Marshal's Ready-Made Family

Garrett Cain has a problem, His sister has died and left him gardian of a beautiful little girl,now Cora is not the problem exactly but some folks think a lawman living over top the jail is just not what a little girl needs.  A cousin wants to get her so he can have the estate that goes with her but once Garrett met Cora he fell in love and doesn't want to lose her.  He is even willing to think about marriage so she will have a home.
Jo Beth lives in town and works the telegraph, she has a bunch of brothers and has always been more boy then girl as she grew up, shucks she had to be to survive.  Jo Beth tells it like it is and doesn't hide her feelings.  when she sees the problems Garrett has she ask him  to marry her...just to help out you know.

Read this story and enjoy a different take on a marriage of convenience.
Thanks Sherri for a story that kept me smiling and hoping for the best for these two all way through.

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