Monday, April 21, 2014

"A Promise in Pieces" by Emily T Wierenga

This is Clara's story and of a small baby quilt made by a woman that she did not even know till after the war. The war that changed everything for Clara.
Clara was a simple girl growing up as only child with a daddy that was a preacher and her Mama was a little forgetful.
Clara and a girlfriend wanted to join the army as nurses to help during wartimes, so not telling her folks they just went and signed up one day and when time came to leave she just left, climbing out a window in the middle of night. Clara had been named after Clara Barton so she just knew this was the right thing to do.
she didn't know but when she left she broke her mama's heart and her mama never spoke another word and sort of became a shell of the woman that had been. 
Clara met a dying soldier and he asked her to write a letter to his wife and then asked that she deliver it personally to "His Mattie", Clara promised never knowing she and Mattie would become close friends and the quilt that Mattie had made would become so important in both their lives and many families over the years. 
But that is a story you will want to read and feel all the love that comes from the babies families as Clara helps them be birthed.
I loved reading this story -a first by this author - but she writes a great story and I will read more of her....

thanks to for this book to read and review.... 

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