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Series Plain City Bridesmaids book #1 "Something Old" by Dianne Christner

Something OldSomething Old by Dianne Christner

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Love is rarely Plain and Simple....

This is book by Dianne Christner of series Plain City Bridesmaids, book#1 "Something Old"

Katy Yoder is just a young girl of 10 when a little boy, Jake Byler, is always pulling her pony-tail and teasing her-she decides then -she will marry him. ahhhhh young love.
three young girls bond and become best friends that will last a lifetime-Megan, Lil and Katy -as young girls they have a dream to live together when they finish school and always to be there for one another.

Life is not all that simple though and as the years go by this young man causes much heartache when he is unsure if he wants to remain Mennonite and goes into a time of rebelling. He breaks her heart when he leaves the community and she is sure she will never be able to forgive him.
Katy settles into life after schooling is finished doing cleaning for other folks. Life is sweet when the girls rent a house that is called a Doddy house. Megan cannot move in right away so Lil and Katy have the place to themselves.
This book is about Trust and forgiveness and you will see as you read chapter after chapter that Katy has big problems with this.
Megan wants to be a missionary, Lil is cousin to Jake and tries her hand at matchmaking when Jake has a life change and comes back to the community. She believes strongly that Katy and Jake belong together.
you will want to read this book and discover waht happens for these three young girls and how Jake, after leaving his community and his religous beliefs, makes his way back....

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