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LIH by Anna Schmidt "A Convenient Wife"

A Convenient Wife (Love Inspired Historical)A Convenient Wife by Anna Schmidt

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Anna Schmidt "A Convenient Wife"

Widower Tyrone Justice is stunned when the Nantucket schoolmistress requests a wedding instead But really, what could be simpler than a marriage of convenience? Tyrone's children will have stability, Caroline will have security...and neither Tyrone nor Caroline will have to risk their hearts once more. Bruised by past loves and losses, neither is ready to take that chance again. Unless a potentially deadly disaster makes them see the truth. Happiness lies within reach--if they'll take a chance on the unplanned gift of love.

I enjoyed this story of a Convenient wife, Tyrone has lost so much and his heart is bruised when it comes to trust and feeling he might be someone that is lovable.
His children want to attend the school where Caroline Hudson has a few youngsters of the elite parents on the island, Tyrone lost his wife to a fire several years ago and has been having rough time raising his three children Jerome-Eliza and Hannah. Caroline has a tender heart and wants to help the children have a better life so she takes them on as students letting them do chores and their father has said he will help with repairs around the school. Before long though circumstances change and the little family is to be evicted from the small place they have lived in near the wharfs.
Tyrome and Caroline come to an agreement that she will watch after his children while he goes off to work on a ship, soon though more problems arise for this young man as the ship does not sail and his job is lost once again putting him homeless and jobless. He feels he has no choice but to work the docks doing any and everything to make monies to send back to Caroline and does not let her know right away that he did not sail.
There is much confusion when Caroline finds the father of children she is watching right on the docks close-by. can she trust this man after he has not kept her informed, can she continue to watch his children, even though they are becoming more important to her as each day goes by. You will want to read this wonderful story of a man with empty faith and a heart that needs mending after losing so much.
Caroline is a lonely woman living in a huge house that she has renovated into a school to be able to support herself after her husband leaves her and after some time she finds out he has died when they return his possessions to her. Can this woman and this man find a way to help one another, can they even find Love along the way? I enjoyed reading the story of this man and his children learn to accept help from Caroline and in the giving of help she too receives a reason to live each day more happily.

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