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Series by Beverly Lewis Home to Hickory Hollow "The Bridesmaid"

Come Home to Hickory Hollow, Pa and meet new characters-new stories and new romance, all the ties that bind and draw the amish people together...

The Bridesmaid (Home to Hickory Hollow, #2)The Bridesmaid by Beverly Lewis

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Series Home to Hickory Hollow by Beverly Lewis "The Bridemaid"

This book tells the story of Joanna -seems she is always a Bridesmaid and never "The Bride" , getting older and feeling she will soon be an old maid. this story starts out at Virginia beach where the family has gathered for a wedding and once again Joanna is a Bridemaid.
As she sits on the sand near the ocean feeling the winds blowing and watching the waves crashing to the shore she spies an amish young man walking along the shore, he soon notices her sitting and looking so lonely that he stops to talk awhile. Her first time to meet him and soon they seem like old friends.
Eben Troyer is from Shipshewana, Indiana and though they like one another it seems nothing can come from this friendship or can it?

Joanna has a sister Cora Jane and they had always been close but now another seems to take her place and the sisters drift apart making Cora Jane angry and hurt... I have grown up with 5 sisters myself and I can see where this would hurt their relationship.

When Eban returns home he asked to be able to write Joanna and possibly think of his moving to her area in Hickory Hollow when he is able to-you see his brother left their community and is living English now and Eban prays for his brothers return to help their aging parents so he can leave himself.

Do you think a relationship can flourish when two young people live in different states but feel so drawn to one another? I had doubts about this as I read the pages but did so want Joanna to have the ever lasting love of a good man. Eban Troyer was a good man and felt the need to help his parents though he yearned to pursue his relationship with Joanna.

The story tells of a great aunt who had same name as Joanna and you will find a healing for the family in finding an old wedding ring quilt that had been languishing in an attic forgotton for many years that now will bring a peace to her descendents.  Joanna is not like your typical young amish woman she is compelled to write stories but must keep it a secret because this is not something the amish allow.  til the secret is found out and two sisters wonder if their lives can ever be the same again. I enjoyed reading this part of the story and feel you will too.

I was given this book by Bethany House Publishing for an honest review, thank you for letting me read this story...

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