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The Harmony Series by Nancy Mehl book #2"Simple Deceit"

"A Mennonite Community's way of life is threatened by outsiders"

Simple Deceit (Harmony, #2)Simple Deceit by Nancy Mehl

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The Harmony Series by Nancy Mehl book #2 "Simple Deceit"

this continues the story of Gracie Temple and her move to Harmony, Kansas...

Grace lived in a big city and worked as graphic designer but when she went to Harmony after her uncle dies, she meets a different type of folks and falls in love with them and also Sam, a quite strong gentle man who is so kind and generous. She had forgot there were men like this and likes the feeling.

Grace moves back to Harmony and plans to work part-time with her work, she is assigned a new client who is a developer intent on building an upscale retirement community in Harmony, soon the Mennonite comunity begin to turn on each other and an annonymous note appears after Grace finds a baby that had been abandoned at the church the night she came back to Harmony. The note says Grace was the one that left it....
you will meet many of the community from the first book and a few new ones and watch as they struggle to keep their faith intact..
there is a winter storm that stops many in their tracks and slows down all in the community, tragedy when someone dies and another is lost in this bad storm...The blizzard forces Grace to make a choice that just might lead to the final straw between she and Sam.
this book is about Love-forgivness-mystery, I enjoyed reading

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