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series Seven Brides for Seven Bachelors writtien by Tricia Goyer book #1 "The Memory Jar"

The Memory Jar (Seven Brides for Seven Bachelors, #1)The Memory Jar by Tricia Goyer

A Series named Seven Brides for Seven Bachelors this alone would make me pick up this book to read but it gets better, written by Tricia Goyer, a wonderful young woman who writes including God and life messages that encourage in her books. the title of this first book in the series is "A Memory Jar".

Sarah Shelter and her family moved from Kentucky to a little town in Montana, West Kootenai ten years ago and almost from the beginning she met an unusual girl near the edge of the woods who became a friend like no other. where you saw Sarah you would see Patty, they became so close that when Patty died in a boat accident it devastaed Sarah and she seemed to put her life on hold, not wanting to love so she would not lose again.
Every year a lot of young amish men come to the community to live for 6 months so they can become a resident and hunt the beautiful mountains, many a young girl has been swept off her feet by one and married before their time was up to go home again.
Sarah wants to marry and have a family but she is now 24 and well past the marring age. she has closed off her heart until she meets a young shy amish man from Ohio. He is the youngest in his family and has needed to get away from his large family that have planned his life out for him, he wants to dream his own dreams but lacks the courage to step out and just do it.
Sarah works in a resutrant-bakery and she loves to make cupcakes and many say they are the best you could ever sink your teeth into...she has a dream to have a bakery one day and to make "fancy cupcakes".
Jathan Schrock's Mem has a bakery in Ohio that she works with her sister but it is just a plain old fashioned type one-nothing fancy there. Jathan has a knack for cooking and baking and his dream is to one day change the bakery-redecorating and expanding and adding more variety to it, he likes what he sees when he meets Sarah but does not feel he is worthy to court her...
can these two find a life together, once they let down their gaurds and let Love find its way into their hearts.
Five years- Love with a young man has passed Sarah by because she has closed her heart-afraid to love and lose. I wanted Sarah to enjoy life more and to open her heart to the possibilities all around her.
I liked the way Tricia told the story of Patty and Sarah,s close friendship although she dies soon after the beginning of the book. we see her character grow from a young child to a young adult through memories of Sarah. The girls have a memory jar and they put small momentos in them so they can look at a pine cone-a feather-a small rock later and the memory of that time will close around them almost as if they were there once again ejoying that close friendship.
Several young people plan to climb one of the mountains together and it is on this trip that Jathan and Sarah finally begin to see they can learn to care for one another, I know you will enjoy reading this book as much as I did and to see love and trust being reestablished in the lives of these two. Many changes will happen just as it does for us in our lives when we accept God's gentle nudging and open our hearts to him.
I am ready for the next book in this series and the next bachelors story...thanks Tricia

Disclosure I received a free copy of this book from Zondervan/Litfuse Group for review. ”

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  1. I loved this book! My review will post on Nov. 7th. I too can't wait to see who the next bachelor will be.

  2. Paula, I wondered about this book and appreciate your thorough review. Also, I didn't realize your husband was sick. Yesterday I saw an endorsement for vitb17 on author Sandi Rog's website and read about her remission which she credits with this vitamin (at least I think it was the same one). She also mentions other supplements. Blessings to you guys!